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Our renowned Brown Bag Webinars provide a 40-minute presentation on a variety of industry related topics followed by a 20-minute Questions and Answers Session.

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Brown Bag Webinar

April 19, Tuesday at 1 PM, EST
How Technology Democratized Sustainable Business Practices

Several new pressures are driving small and mid-sized businesses to track their environmental footprint.

  • Financial Pressures: Reduce operating costs, increase profit
  • Market Pressures: Customer demand for data, competitive edge
  • Social Pressures: The right thing to do

Until now, most sustainability reporting platforms designed to help track, reduce and disclose environmental impact data have been financially out of reach. John Rooks, Co-founder of Rapport, is on a mission to democratize sustainability for millions of small and mid-sized business.

Join John as he discusses the challenges and opportunities for tracking your company’s environmental impact, provide insights into the state of managing environmental data, and demonstrate the Rapport platform. With his down-to-earth sense of humor, John easily blends theory and practice into fun, digestible nuggets of information.

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Presenter: John Rooks, CEO of RAPPORT
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John Rooks is the co-founder of Rapport, a SaaS company transforming the way companies report on and improve their sustainability performance. He is also the founder and President of The SOAP Group. Mr. Rooks has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Agencies, Start-Ups and International NGOs helping them understand sustainability imperatives, modern culture and to architect communication strategies. He focuses on Brand Strategy, Cultural Trends of Sustainability, and Language. John is also the author of, More Than Promote - a guide to authentic marketing, and a frequent speaker and guest writer on sustainability, marketing, language and culture.


Brown Bag Webinar

May 11, Wednesday at 1 PM, EST
How Sound Can Help Monitor Our Environment

In 2011, soundscape ecology emerged as a new scientific field that uses soundscapes to measure and monitor changes in our ecosystem. This field relies on interdisciplinary research to benefit conservation and sustainability programs using non-invasive recording methods. Kristen will talk about how to see the unheard part of sound by demonstrating an analysis of a soundscape recording. The resulting visual representations are quite beautiful. Her primary work is developing new metrics by investigation of patterns that may support future practices in design and development in this evolving field.

The Wilderness Act of 1964 expedited a paradigm shift in how we value and appreciate nature. Viewing beautiful scenery is how many people enjoy and participate in the natural world but, our planet’s acoustic heritage is a remarkable treasure that has yet to attain the equality of visual primacy. Soundscapes are sounds that connect us to a place — in nature, in our backyards, and in urban areas.

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Presenter: Kristen Bellisario, Research Assistant at Purdue University, Center for Global Soundscapes
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Like a marriage of music and math, Kristen Bellisario's work is a refreshing and transformative approach to understanding ecological changes through computational analysis of the natural acoustic environment.
— John Cirucci, Spatial Analytics


 Kristen is a classically-trained musician with specialized training in new music pedagogy and analysis. Environmental sounds impact how she connects with the world and creates music, so the study of soundscapes and its relationship to diverse ecosystems is a natural fit for her doctoral work. Working with our diverse ecosystem recordings, she uses computational musicology approaches to quantify environmental changes. In addition, her background includes multimedia development and so, assists in our scientific communication efforts and design of educational interactive devices.

Kristen is shown here in the field. Outside the lab, she spends time with her children and family — hiking and experiencing the beautiful American landscapes — and playing her flute.


Brown Bag Webinar

June 2, Thursday at 1 PM, EST
Evaluating Complex Decisions using GIS

Many decisions require consideration of geographic data, and always do so when the objective is the selection of a location. Some common examples are siting manufacturing facilities and warehouses, routing shipments of goods, selecting source locations for process raw materials, or establishing waste management facility locations.

Multiple criteria decision analysis, or “MCDA,” is an effective means to address complex decisions that often have multiple stakeholders with conflicting valuation of economic, environmental and social factors. There is a growing field representing the intersection of geographic information systems (GIS) and MCDA disciplines.

This webinar will provide an overview on GIS-based MCDA and will examine a case study in evaluating waste transfer station site decisions.

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Presenter: John Cirucci, Geospatial Scientist and Process Technologist at Spatial Analytics, focused on Sustainability, Data Visualization, Geospatial Analysis
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John Cirucci is a process technologist and geospatial scientist, consulting in the field of geospatial analysis, decision support and data visualization. He is retired from Air Products where he most recently served as manager of corporate exploratory technology. John is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering from Penn State and Lehigh University, respectively, and a Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State.



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The Brown Bag Webinar series began with Lise Laurin, when she was the founder of EarthShift, "I conceived the brown bag webinar series at a conference when I heard a number of practical and inspirational talks that I wished all EarthShift employees could hear. When I thought about it again, I knew these talks would also be beneficial for many of our clients and associates. By having the webinars around lunch time, we can offer everyone the chance to participate and learn something new and useful while eating lunch," says Laurin.