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brown bag webinar graphic used by earthshift globalOur renowned Brown Bag Webinars provide a 40-minute presentation on a variety of industry related topics followed by a 20-minute Questions and Answers Session.

If you’re an LCA practitioner (technical), student, researcher, or a sustainability director, sustainability consultant, or a packaging and product designer, please bookmark this page and look for our emails to alert you on new webinar topics.


Upcoming Brown Bag Webinars

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 1:00 EDT

Photo of world and an eye, If Humanity Changed the Climate by Mistake, Can We Change It With IntentCan We Reverse Climate Change?

Interface is a longtime leader in the sustainability movement. Theirr Mission Zero efforts and the evolution of the company from a corporate plunderer of the earth to one that is breaking the take-make-waste industrial cycle are well documented.  This presentation will review their Mission Zero initiatives and progress. Recently they have looked beyond their 2020 goals and asked themselves, "What is next?"  They have a developed a new mission that is as audacious as their first one and as terrifying to undertake as they have no idea how they will do it.  They call it "Climate Take Back". Their idea is that if humanity has changed the climate by mistake, can we change it on purpose? At Interface they're convinced a fundamental change needs to happen in our global response to climate change. We need to stop just thinking about how to limit the damage caused by climate change and start thinking about how to create a climate fit for life. So why are they optimistic in the face of this seemingly impossible challenge?  Two things are stopping us from having a climate fit for life – carbon in the atmosphere and our own denial, fears, apathy. Change starts in the mind with the power of ambitious and positive mindsets. Believing something is possible is the first step.  Their mission platform is structured around:

1. Live Zero – Do business in ways that gives back whatever is taken from the Earth.
2. Love Carbon – Stop seeing carbon as the enemy and start using it as a resource.
3. Let Nature Cool – Support our biosphere’s ability to regulate the climate.
4. Lead Industrial Re-revolution – Transform industry into a force for climate progress.
This presentation will present their progress to date and issue a challenge to all sustainability professionals to join them on this mission.  

PreConnie Hensler is Director of Corporate Life Cycle Assessment Programs at Interfacesenter: Connie Hensler, Director Environmental Management and Product Stewardship, InterfaceInterface logo
As Director of Corporate Life Cycle Assessment Programs at Interface, Ms. Hensler manages the use of LCA at Interface towards the company’s ultimate goal of sustainability. Ms. Hensler is a Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional (LCACP) and has published research in the Journal of Industrial Ecology and the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.  She is a member of the board of directors of the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment. 

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 1:00 EDT

Poster of Eliminating the Idea of Waste of TerraCycle

Eliminating the Idea of Waste with TerraCycle

A discussion around the current realities of post-consumer plastics recycling in the United States and introduction to TerraCycle — a highly-awarded and globally recognized recycling company operating in over 21 countries globally developing circular solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste streams & eliminating the very idea of waste altogether. 

Presenter: Alicia Forero, TerraCycleAlicia Ferero of TerraCycle
Alicia is a Business Development Associate on TerraCycle's Brand Partnerships team.  She joined TerraCycle after completing her MBA and a research fellowship with the Villanova School of Business in Pennsylvania.  She brings diverse experience to her role, with a background in the financial services, retail, and non-profit spaces.  Alicia passionately believes the future of the private sector lies in purposeful, mission-driven enterprise.

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About Our Brown Bag Sustainability Webinars

The Brown Bag Webinar series began with Lise Laurin, when she was the founder of EarthShift, "I conceived the brown bag webinar series at a conference when I heard a number of practical and inspirational talks that I wished all EarthShift employees could hear. When I thought about it again, I knew these talks would also be beneficial for many of our clients and associates. By having the webinars around lunch time, we can offer everyone the chance to participate and learn something new and useful while eating lunch," says Laurin.