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Building and Infrastructure


Buildings and Infrastructure

The demand for sustainable building products is growing, and the role of LCA in supporting the development and certification of alternative building products is becoming increasingly important. EarthShift Global can contribute to many aspects of green building products by using LCA to inform product design and material selection, and to quantify the life cycle impacts of emerging green building products to inform Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

EarthShift Global has conducted LCAs of alternative building products, including a comparative study of the life cycle impacts of plastic deck boards relative to conventional pressure-treated boards. The cradle-to-grave study revealed the importance of considering the use phase and consumer behavior in evaluating alternative building products. Most recently, EarthShift Global has used our LCA expertise and our optimized EarthSmart software program to support CarbonCure, a sustainability leader in the concrete industry, in developing EPDs for sustainable concrete products.


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