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Forestry, Lumber and Paper


The global forest industry is evolving, and as a result of technological development and policies favoring renewable materials and energy, there is growing interest in using wood for energy production, building construction, and a range of bio-based materials. Wood is attractive for these uses because it is a renewable resource, however, LCA research has indicated that depending on the feedstock used and the production technology, there are potential environmental trade-offs associated with bioenergy and bio-products from wood. In addition, wood is a resource with many local and regional socioeconomic implications, further increasing the complexity of decision-making around this resource.

Case Study:

A Comparative LCA of nPulp® and Molded Paper Packaging Summary Report (PDF)


EarthShift Global can work with clients using their tools and expertise in LCA and S-ROI to quantify the life cycle environmental benefits and costs of alternative wood products and energy production, including supply chain activities. In his Ph.D. research, Nathan Ayer, our Senior Analyst, is currently applying LCA to study the environmental implications of substituting wood biomass for fossil fuels in a wide range of energy applications, including wood pellet production, combined heat and power, and pyrolysis to produce bio oil. EarthShift Global has also applied S-ROI to gasification of forest residues for a government study in Japan.


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