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Textiles and Apparel


The textile industry works with diverse materials – natural, synthetic, reclaimed – and as a result faces diverse environmental challenges. EarthShift Global has helped apparel companies and textile suppliers better understand the impact of their activities, and supported them in implementing impact-assessment methods from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) Product Category Rule (PCR) for use with apparel Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

More broadly, textile industry concerns about social impacts are an ideal fit for the big-picture visibility provided by Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) analysis, a specialty of EarthShift Global. Because the S-ROI dialog process engages with a broad range of stakeholders, it helps companies identify areas of risk and accelerates development of solutions that result in true positive change.

The S-ROI approach can avoid the pitfalls of more narrowly focused efforts. One example: well-intentioned efforts to ban child labor from supply chains can have the unintended consequence of forcing children and families into worse working conditions. By contrast, the broader S-ROI perspective encourages deeper analysis and more-constructive change, enhancing the lives of stakeholders while improving profitability.

Some of our Textile and Apparel clients

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VF Corporation
The North Face
Cotton Inc.
Universal Fibers