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Technical and Business Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members



Technical Advisory Board

The EarthShift Global Technical Advisory Board provides guidance on our development of methodologies and tools that will shape the future of LCA and S-ROI.


Tom Seager, ASU professor, engineer and sustainability scientist, is a member of earthshift technical advisory board.Thomas Seager

Tom is a professor of sustainable engineering and senior sustainability scientist at Arizona State University. Tom has been exploring all avenues for jump-starting sustainability, including efforts in Anticipatory LCA, stochastic weighting and effective methods for teaching sustainability. We value Tom for his ability to think creatively about the challenges we face as a society.


Matt Pietryzkowski is a senior data scientist at GE and a member of earthshift technical advisory board.Matt Pietryzkowski

Leveraging big-data resources is Matt’s focus as a senior data scientist at GE. WIth a diverse background in big data, LCA and statistics, familiarity with S-ROI, and knowledge of the many different types of on-line tools available, Matt helps us with data visualization and exploration.



Chris Mutel, researcher and lca expert is a member of earthshift technical advisory board.Chris Mutel

A researcher at the Paul Sherrer Instutut in Switzerland, Chris has been exploring site-specific data and methods in LCA. He develops open-source LCA tools that incorporate robust uncertainty analysis, and wrote the back-end calculation engine for our 3Pillars S-ROI software. Chris helps us with methodological choices and advanced analysis.


Jeremy Gregory is a research scientist at MIT and a member of earthshift technical advisory board.Jeremy Gregory

Jeremy is a research scientist at MIT’s Civil and Environmental Engineering department and executive director of the Institute’s Concrete Sustainability Hub. His research focuses on making LCA more practical, and on economic and environmental implications of engineering and system design decisions. He provides us with important strategic and technical insights.


Randolph Kirchain is a research scientist focused on environmental materials at MIT and a member of earthshift technical advisory board.Randolph Kirchain

Randy is a research scientist at MIT’s Engineering Systems Division. His work focuses on the environmental and economic implications of materials choices, including life cycle economics and materials system sustainability. His understanding of the links between environment and economics is especially valuable to EarthShift Global.


Claire A. Nelson is a part of EarthShift Global's Technical Advisory Board.Claire A. Nelson

Dr. Claire A. Nelson is a noted futurist, social innovator, and leader in sustainability. Her specialties include strategic foresight; international development project design; sustainability engineering; scenario analysis; stakeholder consultation; futures exploration design and facilitation; and storytelling in business. Claire works with EarthShift Global as an advisor on international development and supports our sustainable return on investment (S-ROI) work, providing facilitation services as well as interpretation of study results.



Business Advisory Board

EarthShift Global’s Business Advisory Board provides strategic guidance on marketing, finances, and operations.


photo of kay aikin, energy engineer and founder of applied science softwareKay Aikin

Kay graduated with one of the first sustainability engineering degrees (Penn State) and has worked as an energy engineer, architectural designer and software executive. She is currently a founder of an Applied Science software company leading the commercialization effort of a new class of technology called an "executable graph framework" that provides improved analytics capabilities in systems of systems applications many that include artificial intelligence. For EarthShift Global she brings expertise at the intersection of modern analytics technologies and commercialization.

photo of richard munkelwitz, strategic and financial operations consultantRichard Munkelwitz

Richard has built a professional reputation through his work in mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance with high technology, environmental and manufacturing companies. He advises EarthShift Global on strategic planning, operational decision making, and financial forecasting.


Lou Altman in memorial, was a member of earthshift global business advisory board.Lou Altman, In Memoriam

Lou was an extremely helpful and positive presence during the launch and first two years of EarthShift Global. His entrepreneurial and interpersonal wisdom still helps guide our company. We miss his big spirit as well as comradeship, and are thankful for having had him in our lives.


Judie Hart is earthshift global web, seo and green marketing manager as well as a member of our business advisory board.Judie Hart

Judie has provided tactical marketing management for small to large-sized businesses as well as other organizations. She is able to look at our marketing communications from a big picture viewpoint and help us reach our target audiences more effectively.