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June Shift 2020

June 2020
Sustainability News and Views Newsletter

In Unsettled Times, Unprecedented Opportunity for Progress on Sustainability

While it might be tempting to hide under the bed in response to these unpredictable unprecedented times, it’s worth noticing some very hopeful signs and opportunities for the sustainability community and thinking about how to address them.

This moment is driving serious reconsideration of many longstanding policies and practices, which could lead us to new ways of doing things in a multitude of areas.

Carbon emission declines by region

Carbon emission declines by region, from the Washington Post article “Global emissions plunged an unprecedented 17 percent during the coronavirus pandemic”

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Thursday, July 30, 2020  1:00pm EDT 

Free Brown Bag Webinar: Energy Apportionment: Lowering the Barrier to Energy Investments

Choosing trade-offs in an LCA


Energy intensive processing industries, such as the chemical industry, face barriers when justifying clean energy investments because costs of implementation for environmental impact reductions are too high relative to the perceived benefit. One way to lower the barrier for environmental investments within these industries is to create the business case with specialty products. The problem is that specialty products represent a small fraction of overall production, and clean energy upgrades to the company's power production are typically shared among all products, diluting the value of the new investment. This webinar will present an energy apportionment approach illustrated via a case of a chemical plant where two types of upgrades (natural gas and solar) are considered according to costs and climate change impact reduction.

Presenters: Rebecca Glaspie, Senior Chemical Engineer, Eastman Chemical CompanyEastman Chemical logo
Randy Waymire, Chemical Engineer, Eastman Chemical Company
Valentina Prado, Senior Sustainability Analyst, EarthShift Global

Rebecca Glaspie is a senior chemical engineer at Eastmanx.Randy Waymire is a chemical engineer at Eastman ChemicalRebecca Glaspie is a Senior Chemical Engineer at Eastman Chemical Company with 12 years of experience in manufacturing, Life Cycle Assessment, innovation and biomaterials.  [email protected]

Randy Waymire is a Chemical Engineer who has led the Life Cycle Assessment team at Eastman and is working on integration of new chemical recycling technologies.  [email protected] 

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EarthShift Global's new summer intern, Giovanni GuglielmiWelcoming Our New Intern, UNH Engineering Student Giovanni Guglielmi

Our new summer intern, Giovanni Guglielmi, brings relevant experience and a passion for mitigating the effects of climate change. 

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Do you have a great idea and need help getting it off the ground? Could you use a fresh perspective, new energy, or specialized expertise applied to your work?

UNH Sustainability logoEach year, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Sustainability Fellows Program works with partner organizations to develop short-term high-impact projects to be accomplished by exceptional PhD–level Research Fellows. If you're in the New England area, apply now to have top talent dedicated to your project! This is a highly competitive program. Learn more:

The UNH Civil and Environmental Engineering department is contacting companies, municipalities, and public agencies to request proposals for engineering projects for the 2020–2021 undergraduate sustainability capstone project. Those that include multiple engineering disciplines (i.e., structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources) are strongly encouraged. This opportunity is free to participating companies!
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Bard MBA logoIn Bard College’s experiential NYCLab course, MBA students complete a yearlong professional consultancy over two semesters with corporate, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to solve sustainability-related business problems. Laura Gitman, Chief Operating Officer at BSR, oversees this program whereby students engage in consultancies for businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits to define the scopes of work, set project deliverables, meet deadlines, and share the outcomes. Learn more: 

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