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Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI) Training Courses

Learn About Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI)

Whether you want a FREE one-hour introduction, a three-hour hands-on session, or a full-day master class on Social Impact Assessment as well as Sustainability ROI (S-ROI), or a full day master class on Sustainable-ROI Facilitation Interactive Workshop. EarthShift Global is the ideal source for training in Sustainable-ROI (S-ROI) – today’s hottest topic in strategic sustainability thinking.


FREE One-Hour Introduction to Sustainable-ROI, Online Session

An introduction to basics of S-ROI and its ability to help decision-makers reduce risk and make projects more successful through rigorous, quantitative, financially oriented modeling of environmental, social and economic issues on stakeholders.

We will explain the S-ROI approach and the types of situations when it can best be applied, and share our experience using S-ROI to identify opportunities and uncover risk factors on behalf of companies, organizations and government agencies in the US, Asia, South America and Africa.

Next class:  September 15, 2021,  1:00pm-2:00pm EDT (17:00-18:00 UTC)
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Three-Hour S-ROI Survey Class 

If you’re ready to dig deeper into the planning and execution of S-ROI analyses, this class is for you – three hours of practical insights from one of the world’s most experienced S-ROI practitioners.

You’ll learn how to identify stakeholders and ensure that their views are represented, ways to make the information-gathering process as efficient as possible, and how to integrate S-ROI findings into your organization’s decision-making process for maximum effectiveness. Also includes a short hands-on introduction to using EarthShift Global's 3Pillars, the only general-purpose S-ROI software package on the market.

Prerequisites:  None
Duration:  3 hours
Cost:  $750 per person
Student Discount: Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).

Next Class:         October 6, 2021, 1:00-4:00PM EDT (17:00-20:00 UTC)

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Full Day Master Class: Social Impact Assessment, Sustainability ROI – Interactive Training

Social Impact Assessment is one of the most powerful aspects of S-ROI – and this class with EarthShift Global CEO and founder Lise Laurin will prepare you to incorporate a variety of social metrics into your sustainability assessment process.

Suitable for sustainability professionals or LCA practitioners at any level of experience, the course provides an in-depth introduction into effectively assessing social impacts using several assessment techniques.

Robust methods to assess the social side of sustainability are just beginning to be accepted and used. This course will introduce you to the several social impact assessment methods and the strengths and weaknesses in each. Several of the methods will be combined with Life Cycle Assessment results in a class exercise looking at a policy, decision or investment chosen by the participants. And, FREE use of LCA and S-ROI software tools is included, as well as access to a Free Trial of software at the end of the course.


  • Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA)
  • Social Risk Assessment
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Sustainable-Return on Investment (S-ROI)

Prerequisites:  None
Duration:  7 hours, plus optional 1-hour after-class webinar
Cost:  $1,250 per person
Student Discount: Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).

Register online today for this Onsite Course held: October 20, 2021, from 9 am to 5 pm, EDT.


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