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Sustainability (S-ROI) Facilitation Workshop–Interactive Training

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Sustainable (S-ROI) Course Objectives

This popular workshop takes an experiential approach to learning the methodology for Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI). We will conduct an S-ROI using the expertise of the assembled group, exploring what works and identifying stumbling blocks to success.

We’ll also examine the 3Pillars tool and how it can reduce the resources required to complete an assessment. (A free 30-day trial of the 3Pillars software is available.) Some exploration of sensitivity to various scenarios and costs will be conducted. Optionally, the group can write a report and present to each other during a web meeting at a date agreed to at the end of the course.


  • Participate in an S-ROI workshop
  • Overview of S-ROI methodology
  • Overview of facilitation techniques
  • Exercises and discussions that make the participants more comfortable
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Assign probabilities and costs
  • What is Bayesian probability?
  • See data in 3Pillars format
  • Run analysis
  • Learn what sensitivity analyses can do
  • Run sensitivity analyses

Prerequisites:  This workshop requires an understanding of basic S-ROI methodologies prior to the workshop, and a preliminary reading on the topic chosen for the S-ROI. Participants may also choose to attend a final web meeting, approximately 1 hour long, scheduled when participants are all available (depending upon the outcome of the workshop).

Medium:  On-site, 1-Day in Seattle, WA, Portsmouth, New Hampshire or Halifax, Nova Scotia — plus one hour of one-on-one time (full price attendees only).

Duration:  9 am – 5 pm

Cost:  $1,250 per person
Discount:  Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).


Upcoming Classes – Interactive Training

*All our ONSITE training is SUSPENDED
until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.*

May 14, 2020      9:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT             Seattle, Washington
Classes are subject to minimum attendance requirements.


All students are required to bring a laptop, a wireless connection will be provided. A free, temporary license will be given for our software that we use.

Before the class, you will be provided with an invitation and password prior to the class and receive a PDF of the presentation slides, which you can use for note taking during the class. These often prove to be a great help when conducting your future LCAs.


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