Intro to Life Cycle Assessment–Interactive Training

Onsite Training

What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) ?

Life Cycle Assessment analyzes the environmental impacts of a product or service from raw material extraction through disposal and provides interpretation of the results to identify actions that can be taken. This scientifically robust method is used to assess the comparative sustainability of several alternatives and to identify high-impact areas where intervention may provide an environmental benefit.


Any level of sustainability professional or beginner LCA professional who wants a deeper level of LCA and understanding of impact assessment methods

Course Objectives

In this class you will learn the basics of Life Cycle Analysis including data gathering, inventory analysis, algorithms used to assess impacts, and common impact assessment methods and impact categories. The course will introduce you to modeling choices, such as allocation method, and how to interpret the results in light of those choices. Using ISO 14040 and 14044 as guidelines, you will learn the difference between a screening report and a full LCA and what is involved in writing an ISO-compliant LCA report. In-class discussion and hands-on exercises will solidify the knowledge.


  • Life Cycle Thinking
  • Why LCA?
  • Goal & Scope
    • Functional Unit
    • Boundary Conditions
  • Life Cycle Inventory
  • Impact assessment
  • PCRs & EPDs
  • Interpretation
    • Screening vs. Full LCA
    • ISO 14044 LCA Reporting requirements
    • Limitations in LCA
  • Software Tool choices
  • New Developments in LCA
  • Staying informed

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 6 hours

“I’m very pleased with my decision to use Earth Smart in my Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) course. The students are undergraduate students with a background in environment and business. Although Earth Smart seemed complicated at first, once they got into the program and entered the components for their project, built the life cycle and analyzed it, it was like magic to them- they were awed by what they could do with it and they found it fairly easy to use. They also really enjoyed seeing the results of a simple LCA for products they had chosen and were very pleased to have learned how to use new software. I highly recommend Earth Smart for introductory LCA courses-it is fairly intuitive to use.”
— Goretty Dias, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada

Upcoming Classes — Onsite Training

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This class is conducted at our Training Center in Portsmouth, NH. Lunch is provided.

All students are required to bring a laptop, a wireless connection will be provided. A free, temporary license will be given for our software that we will use such as, EarthSmart, or PackageSmart – our LCA software or 3Pillars, our S-ROI software.

Before the class, you will be provided with an invitation and password prior to the class and receive a PDF of the presentation slides, which you can use for note taking during the class. These often prove to be a great help when conducting your future LCAs.


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