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Hands-on Support for Your Project-Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning with Expert Tutors

  • This Onsite Class is only offered when requested, please call for a quote based on your location.  

This is a hands-on day with an EarthShift Global expert tutor. The participants will have the opportunity to choose how they wish to use the day which could include developing a strategy for their assessment, learning how to model in one of the LCA or S-ROI software tools, identifying a major impact pathway for their industry and strategizing around reducing those impacts, learning how to use LCA results to conduct an internal design for sustainability workshop or other topic of choice. Participants may choose to work independently or as a group. And, FREE Trial use of LCA and S-ROI software tools.


Any level of sustainability professional or any level of LCA practitioner looking for a day of hands on support for your project. We will have highly experienced professionals with more than ten years’ experience in LCA, social impact assessment, chemistry, and sustainability management strategy to help you answer tricky questions in modeling, data selection, corporate strategy and anything else you need to help you reach your goals.

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 7 hours


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