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Training - Sustainability Boot Camp, Spring 2021

Got Sustainability Challenges? Or, Been at it a While and Feel Unhappy with the Results of Your Environmental Management System?

Meet Us for Real Insights at our Sustainability Boot Camp.


1 to 3-Day Interactive
Sustainability Training Program - Spring

*All our ONSITE training is SUSPENDED
until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.*

Dates:  March 23 - 25, 2021
US West Coast

Join us for one or more days! We designed this interactive training program to provide you with tools and knowledge that will help you effect substantial change in your organization—and your footprint.

Many of our clients find that getting suggestions for better ways of doing things isn’t keeping them from getting the changes made that will make their companies more sustainable. The real issues are understanding which of these solutions are sustainable and then getting the best ones implemented.


All 3-Days:  $3,000 or, $1250 Per Day
Purchase the day(s) that work best with your schedule or call us to do an onsite training.

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Overview: Course Descriptions and Audience

Tuesday, March 23  — Introduction to Sustainability Assessment, with a focus on Life Cycle Assessment

 Day 1 Day 1 provides an overview of the various methods of assessing sustainability. Using a broad perspective, the course considers methods such as GHG Accounting, Life Cycle Assessment, environmental and social risk assessment, Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI), and ecosystems service valuation, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each.

(Follow the above link for Full Course Description, Objective and Topics)

Audience: Beginner sustainability professionals or beginner LCA professionals as well as experienced environmental management professionals who want concrete tools to identify best practices and solutions

Wednesday, March 24  — Social Impact Assessment and Sustainable-ROI (SROI)

Day 2Day 2 features Social Impact Assessment and will include Social LCA, Social Risk Assessment, and Sustainable Return on Investment which ties environmental, social and economic impacts into one unified set of metrics. The course includes a class exercise looking at a policy, decision, or project chosen by the participants. And, Free use of our S-ROI software tools.

(Follow the above link for Full Course Description, Objective and Topics)

Audience:  Any level of sustainability professional or any level of LCA practitioner who wants to incorporate social metrics into their assessments

Thursday, March 25  — Integrating Sustainability into the Organization

Day 3Day 3 will focus on getting sustainability on the C-Suite agenda, getting buy-in for your initiatives and creating value. During this class we will explore student-specific strategies developed throughout the three days (trainees who don’t have a strategy to explore will be given a choice of several generic strategies). Given a set of corporate goals, participants will then work through an exercise to show how their strategy aligns with and supports the corporate goals. The result is a winning argument for why the company should support your efforts. An exciting debrief will provide additional tools for participants to bring home and implement.

(Follow the above link for Full Course Description, Objective and Topics)

Audience:  Beginner or experienced sustainability professionals and beginner or experienced LCA practitioners who want to get managements’ support of their strategies and programs. If you have a program you are working on, work on your own project with expert guidance. If you don’t have your own strategy or program yet, there will be suggestions to use for hands-on learning.


We look forward to an exciting, productive, and effective week of work, and to providing our participants with new skills that will serve them for many years to come.

"The Fall Boot Camp that included Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Sustainable Return of Investment (SROI), and Sustainability Integration classes offered through EarthShift Global provided unique perspective and insight into these burgeoning fields. I was pleasantly surprised by such an engaging and adaptive training which was applied to each participant's discipline through in-class examples. I recommend this training for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of LCA, SROI and Sustainability Integration programs which can be immediately applied to environmental and economical-friendly initiatives within their own company."
-- Kent Langerlan, Environmental Engineer


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