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Handling Recycling In Life Cycle Assessment–Interactive Training

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Online Course Objectives

Have you ever thought about the life cycle of a product that is made from recycled material? What about the life cycle of a product which is partially recycled at its end of life? The objective of this course is to give students an understanding of the procedures/methods being used to best allocate for different recycling scenarios.

This course will look at the allocation issues involved in building life cycle models that have recycled material coming into the product/process as well as recycled material leaving the product/process. It will familiarize you with both open and closed-loop recycling procedures established by ISO guidelines as well as other commonly used methods. Your instructor will be an experienced LCA professional.


  • Overview of the Recycling Debate
  • Framework for Models
  • Issue of Consistency
  • ISO 14044 (2006) guidelines
  • Recycling Models covered:
    1. Closed Loop
    2. Open Loop
    3. Economic
    4. Number of Uses
    5. Cut off
    6. Consequential
  • Sensitivity
  • Sector Guidance
  • GHG Protocol, product carbon standard
  • Risk Perceptions; driving behavior

Prerequisites:  Familiarity with ISO 14040 and 14044 (2006) Standards
Medium:  Online
Duration:  3 hours - plus one hour of one-on-one time (full price attendees only)

Cost:  $750 per person
Student Discount:  Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).


Upcoming Classes - Interactive Online Training


March 16, 2021          1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT (17:00-20:00 UTC)            Online — RingCentral

Classes are subject to minimum attendance requirements.


Location — Online

The class will meet online at You will be provided with an invitation and password prior to the class. 

Before the class you will receive a PDF of the presentation slides, which you can use for note taking during the class. These often prove to be a great help when conducting your future LCA’s.

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