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Sustainability Boot Camp Training Program – Fall

1 to 3-Day Fall Sustainability Assessment and Planning Boot Camp

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*All our ONSITE training is SUSPENDED
until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.*

October 19 - 21, 2021

Our Fall Boot Camp provides you with tools and knowledge to help effect substantial change towards sustainabilty within your organization - winning the support of management for a lighter environmental footprint.  This 3-day sustainability training program is designed for new LCA practitioners but experienced practitioners will find the learning experience of value as well. 

We developed the Boot Camp because many of our clients find that simply getting suggestions for better ways of doing things doesn't help drive their companies towards better ways of doing business. The real issues are understanding which solutions are sustainable and then getting the best ones implemented.

Join us for the full 3 days, or customize the learning experience to fit your needs - you cn sign ups and take one, two or all three days of classes.

Day 1 - Advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Day 2 - Social Impact Assessment and Sustainable Return-on-Investment (S-ROI) 
Day 3 - Integrating Sustainability into the Organization


All 3-Days:  $3,000 or, $1,250 Per Day  
Purchase the day(s) that work best with your schedule or call us to do an onsite training.

Student Discount:  Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).

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Overview: Course Descriptions and Audience

October 19 — Advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

 Day 1 Day 1 starts with an Advanced LCA course customized around the needs of the attendees. This popular class is taught by EarthShift Global CEO, Lise Laurin and is known for expanding students thought processes, resulting in more robust studies and additional value of LCA for decision making.

(Follow the above link for Full Course Description, Objective and Topics) 

Experienced LCA practitioners who want to move to the next level by digging into difficult issues and working through real problems with the help of leaders in the field and fellow attendees.

October 20  — Social Impact Assessment and Sustainable Return-on-Investment (S-ROI) Workshop

 Day 2 Day 2 dives into social and economic assessment, starting with Social LCA and moving into Life Cycle Costing and Sustainability Return on Investment. The course leverages a live case study from a local business, non-profit or municipal organization resulting in real-time hands-on learning.

(Follow the above link for Full Course Description, Objective and Topics)

Any level of sustainability professional or any level of LCA practitioner who wants to incorporate social metrics into their assessments

October  21 — Integrating Sustainability into the Organization

 Day 3 Day 3 will be our last day of the Bootcamp bringing back Matt Mayberry to teach sustainability practitioners of all types how to create the financial and motivational pitch to sell upper management on their projects.

(Follow the above link for Full Course Description, Objective and Topics)

Beginner or experienced sustainability professionals and beginner or experienced LCA practitioners who want to get managements’ support of their strategies and programs. If you have a program you are working on, work on your own project with expert guidance. If you don’t have your own strategy or program yet, there will be suggestions to use for hands-on learning.

We look forward to an exciting, productive, and effective week of work, and to providing our participants with new skills that will serve them for many years to come. Check out the Bootcamp testimonials from March 2016:

Space is limited, so please reserve yours now – Call (207) 608-6228, or click below to Register.

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Sustainability Boot Camp a Success. . . Check Out the Buzz!

"I really enjoyed the Sustainability Integration workshop. Matt Mayberry's perspectives resonated with and reinforced my experiences in GE, while providing a more structured approach to thinking through initiatives and preparing leadership communications. The pacing was just right, allowing plenty of interaction and discussion, and time to absorb the concepts and practice applying them. I think this workshop would be of interest to anyone tasked with developing and implementing sustainability projects or initiatives."
— William Flanagan, GE
“The ESG Boot Camp is engaging, relevant, and timely. It provides an essential introduction to sustainability assessment that every manager needs to know. S-ROI is exactly the kind of decision-making tool that 21st century companies need to stay competitive in today’s uncertain business environment.”
— Matt Mayberry, Whole Works


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