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Advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Interactive Training

This Onsite Class is offered as Day 1 of our Fall Sustainability Assessment and Planning Bootcamp Training Program. Fall 2021 Program, October 19-21, 2021.


Customized Advanced Life Cycle Assessment Training Designed for Attendees Needs

This popular course, taught by EarthShift Global CEO Lise Laurin, with assistance as needed from Nathan Ayer, Senior Sustainability Advisor for EarthShift Global and Lecturer at Dalhousie and Waterloo Universities, as always is a custom LCA class designed around the attendees needs. The topics are diverse and the discussions intense as the day moves between practical application and the latest theories and methods being proposed.

  • FREE use of LCA software tools as well as access to a Free Trial at the end of the course.


Experienced LCA practitioners who want to move to the next level by digging into difficult issues and working through real problems with the help of leaders in the field and fellow attendees.

Course Objective

This course is designed to help experienced LCA practitioners move to the next level by digging into difficult issues and working through real problems with the help of leaders in the field and fellow students. The course is always different as it takes its content from the needs of the attendees. You will be exposed to the latest thinking in LCA, including the conflicting views of those in the forefront of LCA development as well as clearly identified biases on the part of the instructors. Starting from the premise that we can learn something from many different ways of considering the same problem, students often find ways to make their studies more robust as well as new ways to create value from their work.

Topics may include:

  • Leveraging parameters for rapid scenario analysis and sensitivity testing
  • Modeling and interpreting recycling and the use of recycled materials
  • Developments in Impact Assessment methods
  • Leveraging midpoint, endpoint and single scores for better decision-making
  • Introduction to Consequential modeling
  • Anticipatory LCA
  • Allocation
  • Composting
  • Carbon sequestration in LCA
  • Preparing your report for critical review
  • Interpretation: sources of uncertainty, model evaluation and/or identifying significant issues
  • Others as requested by the attendees

Prerequisites: Attendees or students should have completed at least one screening level LCA.
Duration: 7 hours

Bootcamp Pricing

All 3-Days:  $3,000  
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Per Day Option:  $1250
Student Discount: Students receive a 50% discount on all EarthShift Global classes (provided minimum attendance requirements are met).

“I’m very pleased with my decision to use Earth Smart in my Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) course. The students are undergraduate students with a background in environment and business. Although Earth Smart seemed complicated at first, once they got into the program and entered the components for their project, built the life cycle and analyzed it, it was like magic to them- they were awed by what they could do with it and they found it fairly easy to use. They also really enjoyed seeing the results of a simple LCA for products they had chosen and were very pleased to have learned how to use new software. I highly recommend Earth Smart for introductory LCA courses-it is fairly intuitive to use.”
— Goretty Dias, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada

Upcoming Classes - Interactive Onsite Training

October 19, 2021      9:00 am to 5:00 pm EDT             

Classes are subject to minimum attendance requirements.


All students are required to bring a laptop, a wireless connection will be provided. A free, temporary license will be given for our software that we will use such as, EarthSmart, or PackageSmart – our LCA software or 3Pillars, our S-ROI software.

Before the class you will receive a copy of the presentation slides, which you can print out and use for note taking during the class. These often prove to be a great help when conducting future analyses.


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We look forward to an exciting, productive, and effective week of work, and to providing our participants with new skills that will serve them for many years to come. Check out the Bootcamp testimonials from March 2016:

Sustainability Boot Camp a Success. . . Check Out the Buzz!

"I really enjoyed the Sustainability Integration workshop. Matt Mayberry's perspectives resonated with and reinforced my experiences in GE, while providing a more structured approach to thinking through initiatives and preparing leadership communications. The pacing was just right, allowing plenty of interaction and discussion, and time to absorb the concepts and practice applying them. I think this workshop would be of interest to anyone tasked with developing and implementing sustainability projects or initiatives."
— William Flanagan, GE
"The ESG Boot Camp is engaging, relevant, and timely. It provides an essential introduction to sustainability assessment that every manager needs to know. S-ROI is exactly the kind of decision-making tool that 21st century companies need to stay competitive in today’s uncertain business environment."
— Matt Mayberry, Whole Works


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Day 1 - Advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
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