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1-on-1 Life Cycle Assessment or Sustainability Training and Consulting

Need a mentor for your first LCA? Or, facing a tough allocation question?

Want help interpreting results or making a design more sustainable?


1-on-1 Interactive Training is the Fastest, Most Efficient Answer

When time is of the essence and you’re facing a new challenge in LCA or other sustainability area, there’s no better route to a robust solution than tightly focused, situation-specific training.

Our veteran practitioner-instructors can teach you the exact skills needed for a project or campaign, and help you apply them within your organization’s unique environment. Training is scheduled at your convenience, using an interactive web platform, and every minute will be directly applicable to matters at hand — while also making you more capable going forward.

You pay only for what you need, in hourly increments or discounted blocks of 10 hours. Here are some sample topics your training could include:


Getting Started

  • Learning LCA methodology
  • Defining project goal and scope
  • Choosing which tool to use
  • Deciding what product or industry line to study 

Data Choices and Data Collection

  • Conducting literature reviews
  • Deciding which database and data are most appropriate

Modeling in EarthSmart, PackageSmart, SimaPro or 3Pillars

  • Utilizing the tool
  • Addressing specific modeling questions and challenges


  • Choosing a type of report
  • Writing an ISO-compliant report
  • Navigating or conducting the critical review process
  • Providing interpretation assistance 

PCR / EPD Guidance

  • Interpreting an existing PCR
  • Advising during PCR development
  • Creating methods which match the PCR requirements
  • Preparing the LCA report and EPD for review/verification

S-ROI Facilitation Support

  • Co-facilitation of studies, getting you up to speed while ensuring you get the most out of the workshop
  • Modeling support in 3Pillars
We help our students through tough and demanding periods on the job. They save time and resources while developing stronger, more actionable results that can withstand tough scrutiny. We can also help by reviewing draft reports or proposals and offering suggestions.
EarthShift Global’s training program dates to 2000 and counts some of the world’s top sustainability experts as alumni/ae. We emphasize one-on-one contact for all students because no two companies or organizations are identical — and while principles and methods are important, real progress towards sustainability only comes when they are successfully integrated into an enterprise’s particular combination of people, processes and priorities.
Our one-on-one, situation-specific training is the ultimate partnership for effective implementation – and a reflection of EarthShift Global’s mission to empower people in the sustainability community so they can help organizations establish better relationships with the world and its natural resources.

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One-on-one consulting hours were a great way to build on what I learned in EarthShift Global training courses and apply them to my specific projects.
— LCA Practitioner



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