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Business Case for S-ROI

Evvan Morton and Dr. Shakira Hobbs posing with girls from the village after planting flowers with fertilizer from the digester.
Dr. Shakira Hobbs (Left) and Evvan Morton (Right)
We take great pleasure in highlighting inspiring work by sustainability practitioners. This guest blog features the innovative BioGals, who came to our attention via our Senior Analyst, Valentina Prado, a former colleague of BioGal Evvan Morton at Arizona State University
Sustainability conferences are where you will find folks from EarthShift Global
As we dive into the new year, our team at EarthShift Global is more excited than ever to participate — as organizers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees — in several sustainability-focused conferences around America and around the world in 2019.

Sustainable-ROI on Wikipedia, S-ROI Glossary and Training

S-ROI VISION for a Sustainable World reports on the applications of Sustainable-ROI cost-benefit analysis and provides information on this powerful decision-making tool.