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February Shift 2020

February 2020
Sustainability News and Views Newsletter

You Don’t Have A Sustainability Story Until You’re on A Sustainability Journey: A Cautionary Tale

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Sustainability isn’t something you’ve done – it’s something you have to do on a daily basis. And with some up-front LCA and S-ROI analysis, it can make your business stronger.

We strive hard to help clients identify impact reduction goals, and even the aspirational “moonshot” goals that Susanne Shelton, CEO at Shelton Group, Inc. talks about, that also provide monetary value to the company. That’s the type of insight that can result from sustainability assessments such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI). 

These insights aren’t just about reducing your footprint. They can reveal ways to reduce your costs or your customer’s costs, increase your market share, or even innovate a new product or business model. And in the process, they can help create what Shelton describes as the pillars that support your marketing rallying cry.

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Sam’s Talking Solar at the MAWS Spring Conference

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EarthShift Global’s Sam Boduch will be on hand and serving as panelist for the upcoming Spring Maine Association of Wetland Scientists conference, in Brunswick, Maine on March 19th at Bowdoin College. The afternoon panel of experts will be discussing the “Maine Solar Wave”, the drivers of interest and action behind the boom of solar PV planning and installation in the State of Maine as well as zeroing in on some of the regulatory hurdles that need can be addressed when permitting utility grade solar in the region. 
Sam (working with the team of analysts at EarthShift Global) has performed life cycle greenhouse gas analyses of nearly a dozen utility scale solar installations around New England, and will bring a long term perspective of the technology to the conversation. “It’s a great opportunity to engage with the Maine community – our home state – on solar development, how it is rapidly changing the landscape of the grid, and what potential outcomes that has from a greenhouse gas perspective. I’m looking forward to it!”
Keep an eye out for more details as conference plans are announced by visiting 
EarthShift Global proudly supports and participates in local, regional and national conversations around sustainability and the environment. For more information or to request a presentation, please contact [email protected]

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