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Metals, Minerals and Mining


Metals and minerals play an important role in society and LCA and S-ROI can help identify their benefits. EarthShift Global has helped industry professionals understand the role of calcium carbonite as a benign filler in many plastics, for example. Our work with the International Copper Association has shown how the use of copper net can replace the use of copper-based anti-fouling paints, reducing the impacts of aquaculture. Mining carries social as well as environmental burdens and those burdens can affect the bottom line. S-ROI has proven to be an effective tool for understanding how mitigating the environmental and social risks associated with mining can improve profitability. Many mining companies have found benefits from this type of analysis. As an example, EarthShift Global studied the effect of increased HIV/AIDS education for Rio Tinto.


Environmental Performance of Copper-alloy Net-pens: Life cycle Assessment of Atlantic Salmon Grow-out in Copper-alloy and Nylon Net-pens


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Copper-alloy mesh

The environmental impacts of culturing Atlantic salmon in copper-alloy mesh (CAM) net-pens were studied using infrastructure and operating data from a pilot study in Chile in 2012.