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Aquaculture is one the fastest growing food-producing sectors in the world and is expected to provide over 60% of seafood for human consumption by 2030. It is a diverse global industry and the environmental implications of aquaculture vary widely depending on the species being farmed and the form and intensity of production. As the industry grows, many new innovations in production technology are emerging, and LCA has been shown to be a useful tool for understanding the environmental performance and potential trade-offs associated with alternative systems.


Environmental Performance of Copper-alloy Net-pens: Life cycle Assessment of Atlantic Salmon Grow-out in Copper-alloy and Nylon Net-pens


EarthShift Global’s Senior Sustainability Advisor Nathan Ayer has applied LCA to quantify the environmental impacts and benefits of a range of aquaculture production systems, including closed-containment systems for salmon farming , and most recently working with the International Copper Association on exploring the environmental performance of copper-alloy net-pens from cradle-to-grave. Nathan has also been involved in methodological development related to LCA and seafood production and recently collaborated with SustainAqua to apply a screening-level LCA to inform a feasibility study for upgrading a trout and salmon hatchery.


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