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Agriculture and Food


Agriculture and Food

The systems surrounding our food supply are complex, dynamic and include a fair amount of uncertainty. Yet these systems have well identified areas of impact and of benefit, both to the environment and to society. EarthShift Global can help navigate these complexities more easily without sacrificing quality. We’ve looked in detail at new agricultural practices to understand the environmental and social benefits to tomato production in Guatemala and cocoa production in Nicaragua, for example. We’ve also helped food processors look at new processing in techniques like the production of xylitol as a coordinated process with paper pulp processing.

White Paper:

Danisco Assessed the Sustainability of Xylitol (XIVIA)


Environmental and social impacts can occur throughout a product's life cycle. Danisco fine-tuned their approach to include Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental footprinting to guide product development efforts towards reducing their impact and to provide quantitative impact data to their customers, retailers and consumers. XIVIA is a sustainable, naturally occurring sweetener with all the sweetness of sugar but with 40% less calories.


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