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Governments have much to gain from more sustainable activities and are actively pursuing assessments such as LCA and S-ROI. EarthShift Global has trained many governmental LCA practitioners including those from cities, provinces, national labs, and research centers. We’ve worked with the National Agriculture Research Center of Japan to understand the sustainability of many biofuels projects. This work assisted the government with directing funds toward those projects that have the highest probability of environmental, social and economic returns.
Press Release

Press Release:

EarthShift Global, WSPand Introspective Systems to Develop Life Cycle Assessment Modeling Tool for Canadian Clean Fuel Standard


We've also worked on a project funded by the US Department of State looking at four different grants to Latin American groups. These groups have successful projects in the areas of workforce empowerment, SMEs and trade, and environmental sustainability and will use the funds to scale up their activities. EarthShift Global has provided a prospective S-ROI of the four projects and will provide a retrospective of two of the projects at the end of the funding period.


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