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Industry Associations


Industry Associations have unique opportunities to bring about sustainable change. From Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data collection to a better understanding of life cycle impacts, these associations can identify sustainable opportunities for their members and their members’ customers. While EarthShift Global ensures the privacy of participating members, it offers much more to the Industry Associations it works with:


Environmental Performance of Copper-alloy Net-pens: Life cycle Assessment of Atlantic Salmon Grow-out in Copper-alloy and Nylon Net-pens



  • An in-depth understanding of current practice in LCA and S-ROI
  • Streamlined procedures which minimize data collection requirements
  • Compatibility with international datasets
  • Flexibility: the association maintains ownership of its data so it is free to work with other consultants and use the data for other purposes
  • Inclusive: Generic models can be built in EarthSmart, PackageSmart or 3Pillars and shared with each member to better understand their own risks and impacts and how they can be improved.

As an example, EarthShift Global works with the International Copper Association (ICA) to understand the benefits and drawbacks of using copper net-pens for aquaculture. This project is a benefit to the copper producers as well as the aquaculture industry.



Some of our Association clients

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