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Non-Governmental Organizations need good metrics, and LCA and S-ROI provide outstanding resources for developing them. EarthShift Global acts as a reliable expert and provides training to NGOs, enabling them to do work internally. Our optimized web-based tools can be used for assessment internally, or can be customized into footprint calculators, for example, to help to broaden the reach of the organization. S-ROI can be a powerful tool to show donors how far their money will go to improving the lives of others.

We’ve worked with Clean Air-Cool Planet on a campus food calculator, enabling colleges to assess the sustainability of recipes and weekly purchases. We continue to act as an advisor to the US Green Building Council on PCRs and EPDs for the building industry and have worked as an advisor the CarbonFund when they were first setting up their program.

Over the last several years we have worked with the World Environment Center (WEC) to assess the sustainability of four projects using S-ROI and our 3Pillars Software.


Some of our NGO clients

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