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Race 4 Good with Us at ACLCA XVIII | Consider Litter in LCAs | Dow Strategy Webinar

September 2018
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Community Event - Thursday, September 27, 2018
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You’re Invited!

Have a Positive Impact and Engage with the LCA Community After ACLCA XVIII

After ACLCA XVIII wraps up on Thursday, Sept. 27th, EarthShift Global would like to welcome you (and all conference attendees) to an EarthShift Global Community Event - Race4Good - in Fort Collins, CO immediately following the end of the conference.

What is a Race4Good? It’s a challenge to come up with the best solution to a community sustainability problem. While the normal Race4Good lasts 21 days, we’ll have only 4 hours, so instead of a single winner, we’ll all be winners.

The Race4Good will be part of EarthShift Global’s community meeting and all are invited to attend and participate. We’ll have some food and drinks to share and a few laughs along with some good problem solving. Just be sure to stay over Thursday night so you can join in this amazing challenge!

To RSVP and guarantee your place, please email Holly Harris:  

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Sustainable Brands article:

Rethinking Plastic Litter: Improve Your LCAs and Reduce Your Personal Impacts

The sheer volume of plastic used in more-developed countries means that even a small fraction ending up as litter can have a devastating effect on local wildlife.

Moreover, these totals don’t include the contamination coming from our washing machines as our nylon, polyester and spandex clothing degrades over time. This pollution, mostly unseen and unmeasured, comes from all parts of the globe and we’re all contributing to it.

But our LCAs generally ignore most of these effects.... 

Read the full publication here

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Free Webinar, Thursday, September 13 - 1:00 pm ET

brown bag webinar logoGoals and Tools to Drive Sustainability

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The concept of sustainability is critical for businesses and individuals to understand and apply. Dow Chemical has pursued sustainability by having a clear corporate strategy, global accountability to goals, and a variety of tools to track and improve business performance. Dow Chemical has articulated aspirational goals for some areas and quantitative measurements for others. Concepts from life cycle assessment (LCA) and a business-focused Sustainable Chemistry Index tool have also been instrumental in positioning and quantifying sustainability as a target for innovation and a source of business growth. The development, application and use of these in Dow will be discussed.

Presenter:  Rich Helling, Director of Sustainable Chemistry, The Dow Chemical Company

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ABCs on LeafA Sustainability Glossary: Definitions for Executives, Strategic Planners, Practitioners

Sustainability is increasingly being integrated into high-level decision-making at corporations, public sector agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other groups. This brings many benefits but can also create challenges, including vocabulary issues. To help bring more clarity, we’ve compiled these definitions of sustainability terms.

When economic, environmental, and social metrics are considered together, it’s important for sustainability practitioners to understand the terms and concepts of traditional financially oriented analysis, and for executives to have a grasp of the metrics and frameworks that now allow environmental and social considerations to be incorporated into project evaluations.

Find the Sustainability Glossary Here



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November 13, 2018 — 9 AM to 5 PM — Full-Day Master Class:
Sustainability (S-ROI) Facilitation Workshop

Boot Camp Fall 2018 — November 14 through October 16, 2018, follow the link for full details

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September 13, 2018   Methods for Evaluating the Social and Economic Pillars of Sustainability–Interactive Training Class 10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST (14:00-17:00 UTC)

September 18, 2018   Three-Hour "Dig Deepter" Online Sustainable-ROI Class with Hands-on 3Pillars Software  10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST (14:00-17:00 UTC)

October 30-31, 2018   Sustainability in Package Design 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST (17:00-20:00 UTC)


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