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Sustainable-ROI on Wikipedia, S-ROI Glossary and Training

S-ROI Vision, published by EarthShift Global, reports on the development and application of the Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) cost-benefit analysis methodology. Our editorial mission is to provide useful information to sustainability practitioners, executives, and others with an interest in this powerful decision-making tool. We encourage you to share it with your colleagues so, please click here to forward.


August 2017 S-ROI Vision for a Sustainable World Newsletter

Featured in This Issue — Vol. 1, Issue 2:


Editors:  Debalina Sengupta, Associate Director, Gas and Fuels Research Center, Texas A & M University
Pete Dunn, Marketing and Editorial Consultant
Publisher:  Judie Hart, Green Marketing Manager, EarthShift Global

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Wikipedia Now Features Article on Sustainable-ROI (S-ROI)

Neutral, objective information is an important resource and step towards broader buy-in to S-ROI’s benefits

sustainable return on investment or s-roi, is now on wikipedia.Sustainable-ROI (S-ROI) has achieved a new milestone – there is now an S-ROI article on Wikipedia, providing one of the only widely available basic overviews of the methodology and its value, history, and applications. 

We think a neutral, objective information resource like this is a big step forward for the S-ROI and sustainability communities as we seek to win buy-in to S-ROI’s application on projects and initiatives. It provides a place to send clients, partners, journalists, students, and stakeholders for background information that won’t come across as a sales pitch. And, more broadly, it also helps validate the analytical power and improved visibility into risks and rewards provided by S-ROI.

All of this is important in winning acceptance among executives, project planners, regulators, investors, and citizens. Each of these groups stands to gain from S-ROI’s ability to identify and evaluate intangible internal costs and externalities that don’t show up in traditional cash-oriented models. As we’ve seen in our work in this area, it’s very often the case that identifying a single previously invisible risk factor or opportunity to avert a problem can easily justify an entire S-ROI project.

Of course, Wikipedia articles are only as good as the people who contribute to them, so we hope everyone with theoretical and/or practical S-ROI knowledge will give the article a read and the benefit of their additions and edits. If you’ve never lent a hand on Wikipedia, you might be surprised at how easy and enjoyable it is, and at how good it feels to contribute to such a unique worldwide repository of information.

As of this writing, the article contains an overview and discussion of cost types, a summary of how S-ROI evolved from the Total Cost Assessment methodology developed in the 1980s by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and a short summary of a typical S-ROI process and how it can be applied. We’d love to see the addition of more case studies and success stories, links to papers and reports, background information, and greater detail on how the S-ROI process works in practice. Just remember that it needs to be an independent reference source, and not an advertising vehicle – hewing to Wikipedia standards will ensure that your edits stay in place and contribute to the bigger effort to make S-ROI a mainstream thing.


About the Author:  Caroline Taylor, Director of Research and Development

Caroline Taylor, EarthShift Global’s Director of Research and Development.Caroline Taylor, EarthShift Global’s Director of Research and Development, has 20 years of experience in modeling and analysis, a decade of it in energy and sustainability. Her extensive speaking and publication record covers topics related to sustainability; energy and resources; risk and uncertainty; and global bioenergy development and impact assessment. She earned Bachelor’s degrees in Classics and Chemistry from the University of California at Irvine and a Doctorate in Chemistry (Chemical Physics) from the University of Chicago, and was a post-doctoral scholar at Cornell University; she currently holds a visiting appointment in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California at Berkeley.


A Sustainability Management Glossary for Executives, Strategic Planners, Practitioners

Sustainability is increasingly being integrated into high-level decision-making at corporations, public sector agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other groups. This brings many benefits, but can also create challenges – including vocabulary issues, like defining words and phrases related to sustainability.

It’s important for sustainability practitioners to understand the terms and concepts of traditional financially oriented analysis, and for executives to have a grasp of the metrics and frameworks that now allow environmental and social considerations to be incorporated into project evaluations.

We hope the following definitions of sustainability terms will prove useful to both groups, and serve as an aid to effective collaboration. This sustainability glossary was prepared by our colleague John Parker, chief product officer and co-founder of Impact Infrastructure, developers of Autocase, with input from the EarthShift Global team; we thank John for his excellent efforts, and invite our readers to send suggestions for other terms or words they’d like to see added.

Sustainability Glossary of Terms  (click to jump to the defined terms listed below)

Definition — Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI)  
Definition — Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA)
Definition — Multiple Account Cost Benefit Analysis/Stakeholder Analysis
Definition — Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Definition — Triple Bottom Line Analysis (TBL)
Definition — Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), also known as Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA)
Definition — Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
Definition — Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Definition — Life Cycle Analysis
Definition — Economic Impact Analysis (EIA)

Definition — Net Present Value (NPV)
Definition — Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Definition — Return on investment (ROI)
Definition — Benefit Cost Ratio
Definition — Discounted Payback Period
Definition — Simple Payback Period


John C. Parker is the Chief Product Officer for Autocase by Impact Infrastructure.About the Author — Guest Contributor:  John C. Parker, CPO

John C. Parker is an expert in triple bottom line cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects, Sustainable-ROI and is Chief Product Officer for Autocase by Impact Infrastructure.

Connect with John on LinkedIn.



October’s LCA XVII Conference to Feature our S-ROI Content . . .
Register Now !

Members of the S-ROI community should consider attending this October’s American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) LCA XVII conference, as it will feature a number of S-ROI-related presentations.

ACLCA logo for annual life cycle assessment conference, LCA XVIIWhile the full program hasn’t yet been released, we can say that relevant content will include:

Special Session:  LCA Insights for Additive Manufacturing

This existing multi-dimensional session, which is scheduled to include 3D printing presentations from GE and HP, will also feature EarthShift Global founder and CEO Lise Laurin facilitating a social risk assessment of 3D printing, and also presenting details of an S-ROI analysis done for HP.

Oral Presentation:  Assessing Present and Future Impacts of Providing International Development Support to Central American Smallholder Growers

Caroline Taylor, EarthShift Global’s director of research and development, will present the latest results from S-ROI work we’ve been doing in the Pathways to Prosperity Challenge, a program sponsored by the US Department of State and managed by the World Environment Center. The partnership has a goal of providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Americas with innovative measures to build sustainability, market access, and competitiveness, and S-ROI has proven to be an extremely useful tool for analyzing and assessing its activities.

Combine Business with Pleasure, Enjoy Portsmouth, NH

This year’s conference is being held October 3-5 in beautiful Portsmouth, NH, near EarthShift Global’s headquarters, and we’d love to welcome anyone with an interest in Sustainable-Return On Investment (S-ROI) as well as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Combine business and pleasure, check out our recent blog on Things To Do in Portsmouth, NH.


Register for LCA XVII (on ACLCA website)


Pete Dunn is EarthShift Globals marketing consultant and a freelance strategist and writer.About the Author:   Pete Dunn, EarthShift Global’s Marketing Consultant

Pete Dunn, marketing consultant, is an entrepreneurial marketing and communications strategist and writer, serving clients in academia, technology and B-to-B marketing. His journalism background includes eight years as founder, editor and publisher of WaferNews, the leading news publication for the international semiconductor manufacturing community. He specializes in creative collaboration and translating complex subjects into clear messages that inform and inspire.


Blog Update:  A Sustainable-ROI Perspective on a Methane Rule

natural gas flare, image provided by tim evansonUPDATE—May 10, 2017:  On a 51-49 vote, the US Senate today declined to overturn the methane emissions rule, keeping the existing regulations in place.

We’re happy to see that lawmakers took into consideration all the stakeholders involved in this regulation. We are also proud that they took the long view. There is only so much natural gas in the ground and it doesn’t help anyone, today or in the future, when it is simply released into the air unused


Lise Laurin CEO and Founder of EarthShift Global LLC as well as EarthShift.About the Author:  Lise Laurin, CEO and Founder of EarthShift Global

Lise is a pioneer in Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). She continues to develop and leverage sustainability consulting services, LCA as well as Sustainable-ROI software and training programs to build organizational capacity in driving large-scale change. Her unique skill set and knowledge base has put her in demand globally by companies, organizations and governments alike.


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