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Anticipatory LCA, Sustainability Leadership | New Boot Camp and Brown Bag Webinar

October 2016 Sustainability Newsletter



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October 18 - 20, 2016



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"Early Application of LCA to Lab Research to Enhance Technological Development"

The tandem application of ex ante life cycle assessment and an exploratory scenario on an emerging technology is useful. Though challenging, it creates opportunities for gaining new insights on its potential development. A tension between rigour and relevance is implicit in the approach. Nonetheless, even with reduced rigour, the approach displays potential hot-spots of a product system, in spite of the conjecture and uncertainties. It also broadens the research scope early on bringing a systems approach, long term view, environmental aspects, and ...       Read More

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flow chartAnticipatory LCA: Smarter R&D Without Pain

A big "Thanks" to everyone who attended our ESG Community reception this week!  If you missed it, read more:

What if research and development (R&D) groups could look ahead and identify potential liabilities and other unanticipated consequences of products and technologies early in innovation, and take steps to mitigate these during the development process?

That’s the motivation for Anticipatory LCA, an evolving analytical framework being developed by... read more


A Systems Mindset for Strategic Sustainability Leadership

Why It’s Important, And How You Can Cultivate it on Nov. 3

What’s the secret to creating true, broad-based advances in sustainability, and leading at the organization level while staying true to your values?
To a large extent, it’s the ability to understand complex systems, and how they change over time. By adopting this “systems mindset,” sustainability leaders can learn to think and act strategically and develop initiatives that go beyond small-scale incremental change. 


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Sustainability in Package Design - October 25-26, 2016
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Practical LCA in EarthSmart - December 7-8, 2016

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