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January / February 2016 Newsletter

Important Changes:  New Office, Phone and Email (details below)


Turning Sustainability Initiatives into Value with Matt Mayberry

Join Matt Mayberry of Whole Works Consulting, who will focus on the critical issue of sustainability integration and how to gain the full value from CSR initiatives on March 11, 2016 in Portsmouth, NH.

  • Learn more, follow the above link to read about this new sustainability course.


New!  Onsite Class at Michigan State University, MSU School of Packaging, on May 4 – 5, 2016

Are you a packaging engineer, a packaging manager or a sustainability engineer looking for an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

  • Read all the specifics for this Sustainable Package Design Course by following the link above.


From Our Blog, #Shift-The-Earth

AIChE Academy Provides FREE S-ROI Sustainability Training Videos

The AIChE Academy is supporting the effort to help companies be more sustainable. It provides members and the public with e-learning courses, webinars and videos on topics of interest to chemical engineers and others in a variety of topics. It currently has 286 offerings in the area of Sustainability and Environment. Two new videos on S-ROI were recently developed by EarthShift Global’s Lise Laurin.

  • Follow the link above to read more and access the newest Sustainability S-ROI Videos.


Turning Sustainability Initiatives into Value with Matt Mayberry

Mayberry has helped organizations in a variety of industries improve their business performance as they develop their sustainability strategies using triple-bottom-line performance: financial, social and environmental. Leading companies are recognizing that to gain the full benefits of their sustainability initiatives, it’s essential to integrate those efforts with their core business.

Matt will be teaming up with EarthShift Global in Portsmouth, N.H. to present a special session on Day 5 – March 11, in their upcoming Sustainability Assessment and Planning Boot Camp, on March 7 – 11.

Recognizing the critical role that business skills play in helping sustainability leaders influence their organizations, we are dedicating March

11th to the topic: “Turning Initiatives into Value.” This will be a practical, hands-on workshop designed to equip sustainability professionals with the business knowledge and tools needed to engage senior executives and create winning proposals.

In addition to providing a roadmap for integrating sustainability with the business, we will cover the most essential strategy and finance concepts that help executives connect the dots between sustainability initiatives and shareholder value. This will complement the sessions on LCA and S-ROI earlier in the week by helping participants apply these tools in ways that have the greatest impact.

Here are the topics we will be covering on March 11:

“Turning Initiatives into Value” Agenda

Introduction: Integrating Sustainability with the Core Business

  • Why integrating sustainability with the business is needed to create shareholder value; A roadmap for integrating sustainability; Case study.

Strategy 101

  • What is strategic positioning?  How to map a company’s core strategy - Case study.

Finance: Creating Shareholder Value

  • Interpreting financial statements (income statement, balance sheet); Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) as a key metric of value creation; Exercise: calculating ROIC.

Exercise: Integrating Sustainability at an Online Retailer (case study)

  • Materiality assessment; Connecting the dots between sustainability initiatives, strategy, and value creation; Making an effective pitch to executives.

Exercise: Integrating Sustainability At Your Organization

  • Advancing a sustainability initiative you analyzed earlier in the week; Identifying your company’s high-level strategy; Connecting the dots; Presenting your proposal.

Wrap-up and Debrief

  • Solidifying insights from the week; Applying what you’ve learned back home.


We hope you can join us for the entire Boot Camp, March 7 – 11. The combination of topics over the five days will not only help you develop effective sustainability strategies, but also help your proposals get the kind of executive attention they deserve.

About Matt Mayberry, Ph.D, Founder and President WholeWorks — Matt has helped organizations in a variety of industries improve their business performance as they develop their sustainability strategies using triple-bottom-line performance: financial, social and environmental. Matt received his Ph.D. in physics from M.I.T. and his MBA from Stanford.


Location:  Michigan State University, MSU School of Packaging
Lodging:  East Lansing Marriott Hotel at University Place, $145 per night
Cost:  $1,195 per person (includes 2 lunches, 1 dinner on the evening of May 4)


New Onsite Class!  Sustainability in Package Design, on May 4 – 5, 2016

Sustainability in Package Design at MSU was co-developed with Professor Rafael Auras from the renowned School of Packaging at Michigan State University, this onsite two day course is designed to give packaging engineers, packaging managers and sustainability engineers an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) including theory and hands-on experience.

The course will provide a simplified LCA learning experience that introduces participants to the concept of life cycle thinking in the umbrella of packaging, the basics of conducting an LCA, and some practical experience building simple LCA models in PackageSmart, a user-friendly package design LCA program.

The course will be conducted by Lise Laurin and Rafael Auras with guest instructors.

Learning Goals

  • Be able to identify the three pillars of sustainability
  • Be able to understand the basic considerations for sustainable packaging systems and how they differ around the world.
  • Be able to discuss the life cycle of a product (think cradle-to-grave).
  • Be able to identify what is involved in the goal and scope phase of an LCA.
  • Be able to identify sources of data for an LCA.
  • Be comfortable navigating in PackageSmart and building components and packages.
  • Understand how the packaging end-of-life scenario can be examined to reduce the environmental footprint and how to design for optimizing the environmental footprint of the packaging system.
  • Understand the basics of how impact assessment methods calculate environmental impacts.
  • Understand the main purposes of the interpretation phase.
  • Understand the environmental footprint of the product-packaging system.

For complete details follow this link to the Onsite Sustainability in Package Design class, in our Training section.


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