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December 2015 Newsletter

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Sustainability Boot Camp! End of Year Special

New to sustainability? Or been at it a while and feel unhappy with the results of your environmental management system? We designed this five-day course to provide you with tools and knowledge that will help you effect substantial change in your organization—and your footprint.

Learn more, follow the above link to read about this new sustainability course and how it can help you with your projects.


From our Blog, #Shift-The-Earth

New Study on Sustainable Aquaculture

Sustainable aquaculture is about more than just what goes on in the water. That’s one insight from a study by EarthShift Global and the International Copper Association (ICA) that has just been accepted for publication by the journal Aquaculture. The article stems from an ongoing collaboration between EarthShift Global and the ICA, where we are applying life cycle assessment (LCA) to quantify the environmental performance of copper-alloy mesh, an innovation from a group. . .

Learn more, follow the above link to visit our Blog, #Shift-The-Earth, and read the full story.


Lessons from Industry: Sustainatopia 2015

What is the business value of sustainability? Corporate champions who want a more sustainable world are frustrated by the realities of our current marketplace. The only champions who seem excited by their role are those whose companies have publicly recognized the business value of sustainability. As always, the biggest perceived value is in the ability of these companies to attract and retain the best and brightest talent…

Learn more, follow the above link to visit our Blog, #Shift-The-Earth, and read the full story.


New!  Office, Phone and Email

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