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January 2018
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brown bag webinar logoAdvanced Technology Reduces the Cost of Offshore WindThe volturnUS is powered by wind and electricity which runs thru underground cables from the shore.

Presenter:  Dr. Anthony Viselli, manager of offshore model testing and structural design at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center.

A planned full-scale deployment scheduled for 2020, VolturnUS (shown in photo) utilizes innovations in materials, construction, and deployment technologies such as a concrete semi-submersible hull and an advanced composite tower to reduce the costs of offshore wind.

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Green Carbon: Tire Recycling that WorksOTR wheel engineering has the best tire recycling program, a sustainability success story

OTR Wheel Engineering listened to its customers and applied creative thinking and an LCA to develop an innovative self-sustaining tire recycling system. 

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New Trade Publications in Bioenergy

Book cover of Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy SystemsGreenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy Systems

Elsevier/Academic Press (2018) has released a new book (first edition) on the technology and sustainability of bioenergy. Edited by Professor Patricia Thornley and postdoctoral researcher Paul Adams, the book covers bioenergy through all of its phases, from feedstock establishment and production to energy delivery. EarthShift Global’s Director of Research & Development, Caroline Taylor, with colleagues from the University of Bath, contributed two peer-reviewed chapters to the book.

  • Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy Systems: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment (Chapter 3) describes how life cycle assessment (LCA) has been applied to bioenergy and explores how its use in bioenergy has contributed to design and understanding of technologies while also providing impetus for the evolution of LCA and considering how it can contribute to a wider perspective on particular bioenergy pathways, technologies, and policies.

  • Second-Generation Ethanol from Lignocellulose (Chapter 13) looks at the feedstocks and technologies used to produce advanced biofuels from plant residues and other non-food biomass, and explores the potential for technological evolution and sustainability implications. 

For a full description, key features and table of contents, please follow this link to the Elsevier site.


Supplying Renewable Energy for Canadian Cement Production: Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy from Forest Harvest Residues using Mobile Fast Pyrolysis Units

EarthShift Global’s Senior Sustainability Advisor, Nathan Ayer and his colleague Dr. Goretty Dias from the University of Waterloo, recently published an article in the Journal of Cleaner Production on renewable bioenergy for Canadian cement production. Cement production contributes over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is among a number of heavy manufacturing industries that still rely primarily on fossil fuels for process energy. In the study, LCA was used to quantify the life cycle environmental impacts of converting forest harvest residues to bio oil and biochar using mobile fast pyrolysis units to substitute for heavy fuel oil, petroleum coke, and coal in Canadian cement manufacturing. Results of the study indicate that environmental benefits could be achieved by making this substitution, but that the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of any broad deployment of fast pyrolysis units are strongly linked to the availability of, and proximity to, sufficient forest harvest residues.

This article is part of Nathan’s PhD thesis which he will defend in the spring of 2018. The highlights and abstract as well as the article can be accessed at:

Journal Cleaner Production - Volume 175, 20 February 2018, Pages 237-250


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