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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Consulting, Software, Training


Four Reasons Why EarthShift Global is Your
Preferred Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Partner:

  • We Apply the Latest Practical LCA Developments to Provide Robust Results with Less Effort
  • Our LCA Results Are Clear and Meaningful to You AND Your Audiences
  • Understandable Processes, Guided by Veteran, Award-Winning Analysts
  • Our Off-the-Shelf or Custom Modeling Tools Deliver Deeper Insights
LCA flowchartYou can better understand the total environmental footprint of your products and services through the power of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). But not all LCAs, LCA consultants, or LCA software applications are the same.

You’ll get actionable insights AND outstanding value from an EarthShift Global LCA.

Your specific priorities will be addressed by our analysts, including founder and CEO Lise Laurin, who have a two-decade track record of creating insightful LCA Studies.

Your LCA practitioners can connect with designers, engineers, marketers and salespeople using our pioneering LCA software, EarthSmart and PackageSmart.

And our LCA training programs build sustainability capabilities in individuals and entire organizations.

We can also support you and your colleagues with LCA services like Carbon Footprints, Environmental Footprints, Environmental Product Labels (EPDs) and Ecolabels, and expert Critical Review, Peer Review, and Verification of your LCA, EPD, or Sustainable ROI (S-ROI) work.

At every step, EarthShift Global prioritizes your bottom line while lightening our footprint on the planet.


Our success in this mission was recognized in 2017, when Lise Laurin was honored with the ACLCA’s Rita Schenck Lifetime Individual LCA Leadership Award.

“Lise Laurin is a pioneer in LCA and leads the way in developing tools to build organizational capacity and drive large-scale change. She continues to impact the field through her company as well as her leadership in the LCA community.”

Lise Laurin Lifetime Leadership Award Winner


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