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November 2019 Shift

November 2019
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EarthShift Global Analysts Study Colombia’s Move Away from Coca, Demonstrates Utility of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Policy Development

tractor in rural Colombia

As Colombia acknowledged what illegal crops had meant for its economy, there was a general sense that replacing coca with alternatives like coffee, sugarcane, or cacao would bring environmental and social benefits. But to determine which of these crops are most advantageous, we need to consider social dynamics, geographical locations, and agricultural practices of the regions where illegal crops were cultivated and processed. 

Juanita Barrera and Valentina Prado, two members of EarthShift Global’s analytical team, undertook a study of this situation, and recently published their findings in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. 

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 1:00pm EST

Communicating Sustainability Using Storytelling - Free Webinar

Carl Duivenvoorden is a Storyteller about Sustainability

Climate change is upon us, and effectively communicating about sustainability is more important than ever.  But how do we get and hold the attention of an information-overloaded and easily distracted public?  How can we maximize our odds of informing well and motivating meaningful, lasting action?  One of the best ways is through storytelling, because everyone – even grown ups – loves a good story.

In this webinar, Carl Duivenvoorden will help you uncover, prepare and present stories that will help you connect with your audiences.  You’ll learn:

  • The six basic emotions that humans share (and that good stories need to evoke)
  • Key elements of a good story
  • Dos and don’ts: delivery tips and techniques that will ensure a lasting impact on your audience

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Vote For Your Favorite 1-Min. Sustainability Video!

To promote science communication amongst the LCA community, EarthShift Global sponsored a video contest as part of CILCA 2019. While we've hosted numerous poster competitions in the past, this was the first time we turned to video as the medium, challenging researchers to communicate the relevance of their work to the broader public.


Check out the seven original contest submissions on Twitter here and LIKE your favorites before November 15 to help us determine the winner.

Caroline Taylor, Director of Research and Development at EarthShift Global, Named to Advisory Board at Rutgers University

We’re proud to share the news that EarthShift Global’s Director of Research and Development, Caroline Taylor, has joined the Advisory Board of the Big Data Certificate Program at Rutgers University — offered in connection with the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education and the Rutgers Professional Science Master's Degree.

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