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August/September Shift

August/September 2019
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Environmental Impacts of the Life Cycle of Alluvial Gold Mining in the Peruvian Amazon Chart on Alluvial Gold Mining in the Amazon


Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 1:00 PM EDT

Alluvial gold mining activities in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest are responsible for mercury emissions and deforestation.

This study uses life cycle assessment methodologies on currently available gold recovery systems to identify the direct relationships between environmental impacts on human toxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity and climate change. Results show that human toxicity values are governed by mercury emissions in gold recovery activities, and freshwater ecotoxicity is driven by diesel engines used in ore extraction and transportation. Moreover, deforestation is contributing...

Read more about Ph.D, Professor of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Prof. Ramzy Kahhat's webinar and register here...


Senior Analyst Valentina Prado Named to New Role 
at Universidad de los Andes Business School

Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia




We’re proud to share the news that EarthShift Global senior analyst Valentina Prado PhD has joined the management faculty of Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, as a visiting professor.

Valentina will bolster the faculty’s incorporation of sustainability concepts and assessment tools into the management curriculum. Currently, she is teaching in the University’s environmental management bachelors’ course, and the industrial ecology course that forms part of the master’s program in environmental management.

Read more here...

Welcoming Juanita Barerra and Cynthia Chatis to EarthShift Global

One of the best moments in business is the arrival of a new colleague, and EarthShift Global is very pleased to welcome both Juanita Barerra and Cynthia Chatis to our team. Juanita will be based in Bogotá, Colombia, and provide sustainability consulting services, primarily on life cycle assessment (LCA) studies for a range of clients. 

Juanita Barrera is a Sustainability Analyst at EarthShift GlobalWe were introduced to Juanita by our senior sustainability analyst Valentina Prado, who served as Juanita’s thesis supervisor for her M.Sc. degree in Industrial Ecology from the Universities of Leiden and Delft in the Netherlands. The thesis applies LCA methodologies to evaluate the environmental and socioeconomic implications of Colombia’s illicit crop substitution policy; Juanita and Valentina have also collaborated on a publication in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Juanita’s background includes evaluation of alternatives to recovering chromic acid from the water used for the production process of tin-free steel, and potential water reuse in the production cycle, and many projects related to the calculation of the Global Warming Potential of Biogenic Carbon Flows. She has also worked on projects for quantifying impacts and benefits related to Land Use Change.

Cynthia’s strong entrepreneurial background informs her work at EarthShift Global, where she edits audio-visualCynthia Chatis is a Sustainability Assistant at EarthShift Global webinars while also handling administrative and creative projects, and community outreach. She has founded and managed several enterprises, including a professional organizing service that emphasizes reuse and recycling. Her unique perspective and creativity have also been cultivated in a 30-year career as a performing and recording musician, artist, and teacher, with a focus on community support and engagement through music, sustainability education and chaplaincy study. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management with honors from the University System of New Hampshire.

We’re looking forward to working together and having the benefit of Juanita’s and Cynthia's knowledge and skill as we pursue our mission of helping our clients achieve greater prosperity within a framework of sustainability.

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