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May Shift 2020

May 2020
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A Request from Lise Laurin:
Please Help Review the Newest Segment of the LCA Capability Roadmap

compass on a roadmap

The Roadmap is a way of identifying cross-cutting issues that affect all LCA practitioners and establishing broad consensus on needs and priorities, with an eye towards coordinating research activities and maximizing their benefits. While the topic is huge, we tried to identify the next steps needed to move us forward in understanding how certain we can be about our results. We would like your confirmation that we’re putting research on the right track. 

When you offer your expertise and perspective, you help make LCA a more powerful tool, and make all of us more effective at reducing the impacts of our organizations and our societies.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020  1:00pm EDT 

Free Brown Bag Webinar: Reconciling Values and Facts in Comparative LCA

Choosing trade-offs in an LCA


Weights in LCA are used to reflect values and priorities in a decision and can help a selection process of comparative LCAs where there are tradeoffs. Weights, and specifically, weight factors can be used in LCA to generate single scores and facilitate a decision. While there are several studies delving into the evaluation and extraction of such weight values, few study the role of weights in the single score.

This webinar delves deeper into the analysis of aggregation of indicators for comparative LCAs. It evaluates the role of weight factors in two forms of aggregation: conventional single score consisting of a linear weighted sum, and outranking, a non-linear aggregation method based on mutual differences between alternatives and inclusive of uncertainty.

Learn about the challenges of aggregation, the problems with existing practices and an alternative method that takes into account uncertainty, is independent of normalization references and is more sensitive to weights.

Presenter: Valentina Prado, Senior Sustainability Analyst, EarthShift Global

Valentina brings extensive expertise in developing decision analysis tools for life cycle assessments (LCA), and hands-on experience in the Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) assessment methodology. Her research focus has been in the incorporation of decision analysis to the interpretation stages of comparative LCAs, and tackles issues of normalization, weighting and uncertainty.

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Check Out the Upcoming Sustainable Packaging Symposium

June 29 - July 2, 2020


And our own Director of R&D, Dr. Caroline Taylor is Chairing the conference! 

The 2020 Sustainable Packaging Symposium will focus on how to move the world to a point where packaging is sourced responsibly, designed to be effective & safe throughout its life cycle, is recycled or reused, and has a minimal impact on the environment, ecology, and health of the public. The symposium will also focus on novel products and innovation in the packaging industry, and the development of a circular economy for packaging waste.

This year’s meeting is turning the standard conference on its head.  Shorter sessions across four days instead of condensed into two will keep us fresh and conversation dynamic – because we’re all feeling a bit of webmeeting fatigue! More small group discussion topics will capture some of the networking and cross-pollination that are the reasons why many of us go to conferences, but from the comfort of your own home/location. Kids, cats and dogs welcome but optional. 

Themes include 
• Circularity, reuse and recycling
• Monitoring, metrics and standards
• Public health – sustainable packaging in an age of pandemic
• Innovation and design for novel products, with a new SPS Tank – Innovation Showcase, a lightning round of new and emerging products

See a list of confirmed speakers, draft agenda, and other information at:

We’re excited to be participating. We hope you’ll join us for part of or all of it, too!

Abstracts for speakers, posters, and panels are on a rolling deadline; submissions close May 29th. 

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Sustainable Packaging Panel Discussion

Sustainable Packaging Panel on June 11, 2020

Thursday, June 11, 2020
2:00 - 3:00 EDT

It's VIRTUAL and Free!

Sustainability in product development is no longer an option; it’s becoming a business essential. Join us for an expert-packed panel discussion where we’ll explore the opportunities, challenges, and trade-offs associated with incorporating sustainability into the product development process.

Moderated by: Martine Stillman, Vice President of Engineering, Synapse
Conversation with:
Lise Laurin, CEO & Founder, Earthshift Global 
Daniel Fitzgerald, Director of Product Sustainability, Stanley Black & Decker
Charissa Rujanavech, Director of Technology, Maui Greens

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image of ABCs on a leafConfused About Sustainability Terms?

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Definitions for Executives, Strategic Planners, Practitioners

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June 10 — Intro to Sustainability Assessment  1:00 - 4:00 pm EDT  (17:00-20:00 UTC)  

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