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Sustainability Project or Hourly Consulting

Our LCA expertise provides a forward looking approach as well as specific project insights–even during the proposal process.Sustainability Consulting Services

If Your Sustainability Objectives Include:

  • Product Design Innovation 

  • Process Improvement

  • Strategic Business Initiatives

EarthShift Global Has the Knowledge and Experience
as well as the Ideal Tools to Help

Our extensive life cycle assessment and sustainability expertise provides a novel, forward looking approach as well as specific insights – even during the proposal process.

We can assist you in improving and evaluating sustainability performance and creating documentation that will withstand the scrutiny of consumers, stakeholders and regulatory agencies.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach that no one else will think about, call or email [email protected], we’ll do the rest!

Our training classes are also the ultimate partnership for effective implementation of new skills needed for a project or applying them within your organization’s unique environment. Over the years we’ve helped sustainability professionals build their skills and provide actionable results during demanding periods on the job, and are ready to help you, too – online, at one of our training centers, or one-on-one.


Overview — Types of Sustainability Projects

Our sustainability consulting engagements are designed to reflect the specific individual needs and requirements of our clients, and develop your internal capacity to understand and achieve critical sustainability objectives. We recognize that the nature of consulting is affected by a variety of business drivers and objectives, as well as related timelines and budgets – and adaptability is one of our hallmarks.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Whether you’re just getting started with LCA or have been at it for a while, there may be times when you need additional capacity, new expertise or a fresh perspective, EarthShift Global is here to help. Our manufacturing experience and advanced modeling allow us to streamline your data gathering process, reducing headaches while producing highly credible results.

We generally recommend a phased approach that ensures you pay only for what is of value to you. This also allows redirection of resources based on the findings of the LCA.

  • As a result, you may find that working with EarthShift Global results in you paying quite a bit less for your studies while getting more out of them.  

EarthShift Global is a recognized leader in the Life Cycle Assessment community:

  • Representation on the ACLCA Board of Directors
  • SETAC North America Life Cycle Assessment Advisory Board Steering Committee
  • UNEP SETAC Life Cycle Initiative
  • ISO TAGs on Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabels
  • Leadership of the LCA Capability Roadmap

 We have worked on single-product LCAs, comparative assertions, policy LCAs and many, many screening-level LCAs and critical reviews. In each case, we strive to educate our clients as we go, ensuring that they gain skills to apply the results to their specific situation. We don’t like reports that just sit on shelves!

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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product Category Rule Development

When you’re developing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), EarthShift Global can play a small role (such as advising you on how to create an acceptable impact assessment method) or a large role, acting as your representative in the Product Category Rule (PCR) development process or conducting the LCA and creating the EPD for your product.

EarthShift Global is well known for its work in EPDs and PCRs, serving on the USGBC EPD Technical Advisory Panel, the ISO TAG on Ecolabels, and having developed the first tool template to automatically generate an EPD.
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Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI)

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  • Do you want insight into the full benefits your company gleans from sustainability initiatives?
  • Want to understand how they affect society or future generations?
  • Or perhaps you’d like to compare two policies and see which provides greater societal benefits?

S-ROI provides the methodology to answer these questions. EarthShift Global pioneered S-ROI and has provided in-depth studies for Dow Chemical, Pratt & Whitney, the National Agriculture Research Organization of Japan and the US State Department. 

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Design for Sustainability (DfS) or Green Design

Effective Design for Sustainability or green design starts with a firm understanding of life cycle thinking and how it applies to your product or service. But the real skills for DfS already exist in the engineer’s toolbox. By clearly defining the function your product offers and the hotspots in your product’s’ lifecycles, you can unlock the DfS potential in your organization. EarthShift Global engages internal and external experts as needed to infuse DfS into your design process. Our guidance opens doors to new product innovation and even new business models.

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Social Risk with Benefit Assessment and Social Return on Investment

No matter whether you’re at the compliance level of sustainability, looking to reduce your risks from communities and your labor force, or at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you can get a better understanding of how your company’s decisions will be perceived externally and how that may, in turn, affect company operations. Social Risk/Benefit Assessment or the more comprehensive Social Return on Investment are subsets of S-ROI, and ESG has conducted many of these types of studies.


Custom Sustainability Software Tool and Template Development

From a custom Excel spreadsheet to integration of life cycle management into your design process, EarthShift Global will work with you to ensure you have software tools that meet today’s goals and can continue to provide value for years to come.

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