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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

Want to Fulfill A Basic Mission of Sustainable Business Thinking? Start Taking Litter into Account in Life Cycle Assessments

Litter is all around us, especially plastic litter – and we owe it to our commissioners and our profession to start taking it into account in our LCAs

Welcoming Our New Sustainability Intern, Kamyar Raoufi

The doctoral student from Oregon State brings diverse skills to interpreting uncertainty and complex results – and is extending an educational tool he helped develop 

Is Election Day on Your Calendar? If Not, Put it There Today!

poster of Polling Place, Vote Here
Regardless of your political leanings, chances are you’d like to influence your elected officials. Take the first step by marking Election Day on your calendar.

Make Your Organization Smarter with an LCA Catalog and Repository

There’s big value in LCA data and reports, but only if you can find what you’re looking for. LCA catalogs and repositories offer great payback for most organizations.

Business Ethics, Advocacy, and Sustainability: What Approach Should Companies Take?

Participating in an ongoing panel on corporate ethics and advocacy has given EarthShift Global CEO Lise Laurin some new perspectives