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Understanding the Life Cycle Impact Assessment Process: Part II – Modeling Exposure: Intake and Bioavailability

Our look at Life Cycle Impact Analysis (LCIA) continues with Part II – Exposure Modelling, and how LCA practitioners can assess the intake levels of emissions by studying routes and modes of intake.


Event Highlights from Sustainable Brands ’17

EarthShift Global’s sustainability coordinator Sam Boduch rounds up event highlights of the Sustainable Brands ’17 conference in Detroit.


Post-Paris Agreement Thoughts: Reasons for Hope on the Climate Change Front

image of hand holding a small world globe
Despite the US pullout from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, there’s a lot to be hopeful for on the climate front.


How We Work With Clients

We got a nice note from a client the other day, thanking us for the “care and competence” shown by one of our consultants in completing a project. This helped me realize, as our organization marks 17 years in business and our upcoming second anniversary as EarthShift Global, how gratifying it is to be an independent business, with the ability to set and meet our own standards for how we go about our work.

A Sustainable-ROI Perspective on a Methane Rule

natural gas flare, image provided by Tim Evanson.

UPDATE—May 10, 2017:  On a 51-49 vote, the US Senate today declined to overturn the methane emissions rule, keeping the existing regulations in place.