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OTR Wheel Green Carbon: Tire Recycling that Works

OTR best tire recycling program, sustainability success story
OTR Wheel Engineering listened to its customers and applied creative thinking and an LCA to develop an innovative self-sustaining tire recycling system. 


A New Update on Global Electronic Waste

In 2016, we generated 6 kg of electrical and electronic waste for every person on the planet – and only 20 percent was properly collected and recycled.


Engagement and Opportunity with Innovative Mainers at E2Tech Expo ‘17

colleagues collaborate, do a fist bump
New hotbed of innovative companies and organizations - gathered at recent expo sponsored by Energy & Environmental Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech), the state’s hub for building connections in the energy and environmental sphere.

Senior Analyst Valentina Prado Brings International Background in LCA, S-ROI

Valentina Prado PhD joins EarthShift Global as our Senior Analyst with an international research background, hands on life cycle assessment and sustainable ROI.

New Perspectives for Green Chemistry

In the traditional linear economy, natural resources are mined from the earth, processed into goods, used until the end of the product lifecycle, and discarded in landfills as waste. But this linear model also provides an opportunity for us to harvest . . .