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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

What Was Abuzz at Circularity ’19

Lauren Phipps, conference organizer, set the stage
Takeaways from Green Biz's first ever Circularity Conference - (Circularity's form of "Cradle to Cradle" focuses on three core principles: Design out waste and pollution, Keep products and materials in use and Regenerate natural systems)

LCA and the Circular Economy, Part 2: A Look at Reader Comments from Around the World

garbage burning
Here’s what sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practitioners from around the world have to say about our recent look at LCA and the Circular Economy

More About Constructive Dialogue on Climate Change: Common Ground Can Open the Door to Progress

I’d like all of us to start to be more inclusive in our conversations. If we start acknowledging each other’s fears and priorities, we can start to make real change. 

Things To Do in Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH, is a walkable deep water port fed by five rivers that comprise the second largest estuary on the east coast. Bridging New Hampshire and Maine, it offers a fine combination of colonial history and contemporary culture.

Our Journey with BioGals – Creating a Non-Profit to Build Waste-to-Energy Systems in Central America

Evvan Morton and Dr. Shakira Hobbs posing with girls from the village after planting flowers with fertilizer from the digester.
We take great pleasure in highlighting inspiring work by sustainability practitioners. This guest blog features the innovative BioGals, who came to our attention via our Senior Analyst, Valentina Prado, a former colleague of BioGal Evvan Morton at Arizona State University