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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

Dr. Claire Nelson Speaks to Air Force and Sustainability Professionals

Claire Nelson, inspiring futurist, thought leader and friend of EarthShift Global, had a busy month of May – in the space of a few days, she went from intensive meetings with leaders of the US Air Force to delivering insightful presentations to top sustainability professionals at the ISSST Conference.

Bright Ideas from Fireflies: Biomimicry for Sustainable Design

Biomimicry inspires design for sustainability
The concept of designing for sustainability has been well defined and promoted by groups like the United Nations Environment Program for many years, and product innovation using this concept is undoubtedly a central piece to the sustainability puzzle.

Take Part in LCA XVI: Best Practices, Passion, and Student Excellence

Lise Laurin with Burcin Atilgan and Sofie Huysman, first- and third-prize winners of Student Poster Awards at LCA XVI
If you’re involved in the Life Cycle Assessment aspect of environmental sustainability, you should definitely consider responding to the recent call for abstracts for the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment’s September conference, LCA XVI in Charleston, SC - or at least plan on attending!

Boot Camp: 3 Qs About Sustainability Basics

Interested in getting started in formal sustainability analysis? Here are three relevant questions we posed to EarthShift Global CEO Lise Laurin three questions about her Introduction to Sustainability Assessment class, which is the Day 1 curriculum for our upcoming Sustainability Assessment and Planning Boot Camp.

Did You Know - Global Poverty Has Dropped by Half Since 1990?

Did you know that global poverty has dropped in half since 1990? Or that deaths from war have fallen by nearly three quarters since the 1980’s? That in the 1980’s, less than 50% of the world’s women were literate but now over 93% can read and write?