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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

A Systems Mindset for Strategic Sustainability Leadership

Why It’s Important, And How You Can Cultivate it on Nov. 3

What’s the secret to creating true, broad-based advances in sustainability, and leading at the organization level while staying true to your values?

To a large extent, it’s the ability to understand complex systems, and how they change over time. By adopting this “systems mindset,” sustainability leaders...

Sharing the Opportunities of S-ROI With Young Engineering Leaders in Panama

Panama Canal
Recently, EarthShift Global’s work in Sustainable-Return On Investment (S-ROI) brought us to the prosperous city of Panama. It’s not only a global crossroads, home to the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal, but also (for those coming from South America), the gateway to Central America.

Small Business. Great Change.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are one of the most dynamic sectors of the Latin American economy, and anyone interested in getting insights into their present and future would benefit from a look into The Network of Pathways Challenge (La Red de Pathways Challenge.)

Lessons From Sustainable Brands 2016

Whenever and wherever the opportunity exists for the leading minds in any industry to get together, share ideas and discuss the potential of individuals, it produces a transformative experience in which every torch bearing participant leaves with their beacon burning a little brighter. Sustainable Brands is one of those remarkable events, assembling a collection of industry pioneers, thought leaders and new comers to openly discuss their successes, challenges and candidly address what failures they have faced on their sustainability journey.

Managing for Sustainability: It’s Not About the Market

I was in a meeting of electronics manufacturers this month and heard the comment that there really isn’t a market driver for sustainability.” While I know for certain that many consumers do care about sustainability, it’s true that rapidly changing technology is almost