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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

McKinsey’s Terrific Take on Supply Chain Sustainability

Ever wished for a strong strategic analysis of the value of sustainability, that spoke clearly and effectively to C-level executives and the financial and investment community?

We have, too, which is why we were so glad to see McKinsey & Company’s terrific new article, “Starting at the source: Sustainability in supply chains.“ It’s a bottom-line oriented explanation of the importance of big-picture corporate sustainability strategies and, by extension, use of tools like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) analysis – all of which are at the heart of EarthShift Global’s client services.

Innovation Drives Sustainability.

 As an entrepreneur, and a person who believes strongly in the power of businesses and businesspeople to effect positive change, I was excited by the discussion at one of the most interesting events at the recent Sustainatopia conference in Boston -- an afternoon plenary titled “The Future of Business in an Increasingly Impactful and Sustainable World” that offered looks at several creative ways of integrating sustainability management into business models.

EarthShift Global Welcomes Sam Boduch as Full Time Sustainability Coordinator

EarthShift Global is excited to announce the addition of Sam Boduch to our ranks as a full-time Sustainability Coordinator. He comes to us with an eclectic professional history, having worked in manufacturing, finance, non-profits and even his own entrepreneurial endeavor.

Anticipatory LCA: Smarter R&D Without Pain

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has become an increasingly useful and popular tool for evaluating products’ environmental impact, and identifying opportunities for reducing associated costs, risks and points of vulnerability.

A Systems Mindset for Strategic Sustainability Leadership

Why It’s Important, And How You Can Cultivate it on Nov. 3

What’s the secret to creating true, broad-based advances in sustainability, and leading at the organization level while staying true to your values?

To a large extent, it’s the ability to understand complex systems, and how they change over time. By adopting this “systems mindset,” sustainability leaders...