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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

New Perspectives for Green Chemistry

In the traditional linear economy, natural resources are mined from the earth, processed into goods, used until the end of the product lifecycle, and discarded in landfills as waste. But this linear model also provides an opportunity for us to harvest . . . 

Systems Thinking a Hot Topic at LCA XVII

Sustainability professionals from academia, industry, government and NGOs attended the LCA XVII conference, leaders emphasized high level system thinking in analysis.

Understanding the Life Cycle Impact Assessment Process: Part III – Modeling Effects and Conclusion

Exhibit 1: Cause-effect chain for modeling environmental impacts
Our three-part series on LCIA concludes with a review of Effect Modeling, connecting exposure to known toxicity data, to complete the assessment of environmental impacts of emissions.


A Big Picture Look at Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

World GreenHouse Gas Emissions flow chart - a big picture overview
New ways of visualizing details of how our society, country and planet function are shown in a flowchart displaying major generators of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Introducing New Colleagues Caroline Taylor and Jillian Crowley

EarthShift Global is proud to welcome our new Director of R & D Caroline Taylor and Analyst Jillian Crowley, two outstanding additions to our team.