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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

How Can LCA Achieve Better Alignment with the Circular Economy?

Current LCA practice and circular economy principles sometimes seem at odds - do we need a different tool? Or does LCA need to evolve?

EarthShift Global’s Top Sustainability Conferences for 2019

Sustainability conferences are where you will find folks from EarthShift Global
As we dive into the new year, our team at EarthShift Global is more excited than ever to participate — as organizers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees — in several sustainability-focused conferences around America and around the world in 2019.

EarthShift Global Leads Team Chosen for Major Canadian Fuel Standard LCA

EarthShift Global is proud to announce that it will lead a team of three companies chosen to develop a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling tool to support the Canadian Clean Fuel Standard (CFS), a new regulation being developed under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.

EarthShift Global Establishes New Canadian Presence

As part of our broader business expansion, EarthShift Global is happy to announce the establishment of a new Canadian branch, based near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

An Alternative for Interpreting Comparative LCAs: Try Ranking the Results Using Multi-Attribute Analysis

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) involve trade-offs and prioritization. Use Stochastic Multi-Attribute Analysis (SMAA) to reflect both performance and decision-maker values.