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Daniel Gerrior Brings LCA-Focused Chemical Engineering Skills to Our Canadian Unit

EarthShift Global Junior Sustainability Analyst Daniel Gerrior Presents

EarthShift Global is proud to have Daniel Gerrior as the newest member of our team of sustainability assessment professionals. In another step forward for our Canadian operation, Daniel will serve as a junior sustainability analyst, working with longtime senior sustainability analyst Nathan Ayer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, serving clients in Canada and elsewhere.

Daniel has leveraged his background in chemistry and chemical engineering in several prior sustainability-oriented positions, including a waste-to-energy analyst role at Nova Scotia Environment and as a researcher and operator in environmental mining for Yava Technologies. He also has experience performing ISO 14001 data compilation and reporting, as well as fuel and ash analysis, for Nova Scotia Power.

“I found while getting my first undergraduate degree that I really enjoy chemistry, and when I worked with Yava, the mining company, on removal of heavy metal from waste tailings it piqued my interest in both environmental chemistry and remediation,” explains Daniel, a Nova Scotia native who holds bachelor’s degrees in both chemistry and engineering technology for petroleum. “That made me want to upgrade my skills, so I went on to do my master’s in chemical engineering with a focus on life cycle assessment (LCA).”

Daniel’s master’s thesis at Dalhousie University focused on LCA and techno-economic analysis of a corn ethanol refinery in Ontario, using software, databases, and primary data to produce a site-specific LCA and economic assessment for Canadian corn-ethanol. It included use of LCA to identify ways of reducing energy usage, water consumption, and other impacts.

Initially, Daniel will collaborate with fellow Dalhousie alum Nathan on research and data compilation for a variety of EarthShift Global clients. 

Nathan has worked with the EarthShift Global team since 2009, and headed the formation of our Canadian subsidiary two years ago. He’s a key member of the EarthShift Global-led group chosen in 2019 by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to conduct LCA modeling work in support of a new Canadian clean fuel standard.

“I am thrilled to have Daniel join our team and work with me in Nova Scotia,” says Nathan. “A growing sector of the Nova Scotia economy is working on sustainable products and technologies, and Daniel’s technical background and strong research capabilities will help EarthShift Global continue supporting these developing enterprises.”

“EarthShift Global is right in the niche of what I did my master’s in and what I’m passionate about, and it feels like a great fit,” notes Daniel. “Our clients are companies that care and want to lead in environmentalism and wellness, and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

Daniel is an avid traveler, skier, and snowboarder, and we welcome him and his many capabilities to our organization.  


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