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Engagement and Opportunity with Innovative Mainers at E2Tech Expo ‘17

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colleagues collaborate, do a fist bumpMany people associate the State of Maine, home of EarthShift Global, with lobsters, pine trees, and lighthouses. That’s all true enough, but we’re proud that our corner of the United States is also a hotbed of innovative companies and organizations - many of which gathered at a recent expo sponsored by the Energy & Environmental Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech), the state’s hub for building connections in the energy and environmental sphere.

E2Tech Expo ’17 left me, and my colleagues Lise Laurin and Holly Harris, filled with a sense of enthusiasm about the work Mainers are doing, and we look forward to partnering with our neighbors to find solutions to the complex problems that face our state, country and planet.

One good example came when State Representative Martin Grohman opened his intriguing talk on innovation policy by saying, “Today we’re going to talk about goals, ducks, big solar and collaboration.”

What is a Duck Curve?

Grohman went on to describe the imbalance between the daily cycles of renewable energy production and energy consumption, represented by a graph known as a duck curve. He advocated for the Maine legislature to address this problem in a nonpartisan, collaborative way – the sort of approach that can drive significant change when taken up in multiple places.

Catherine Renault of Innovation Policyworks shared the stage with Grohman to discuss the ways in which legislation can produce opportunities for Maine entrepreneurs working to solve problems in the energy and environmental fields. She pointed to Ohio’s “Third Frontier”, an economic development initiative which has created $1.7 billion in new product sales since 2006, as an idea that Maine should consider.

Other highlights included:

Check out Cerahelix’s nano filters, which are allowing one brewery to recover 95% of its industrial wastewater.


Our thanks to everyone who presented at and participated in E2Tech Expo ’17 – we salute you with a whoopie pie and a can of Moxie!

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About the Author:   Sam Boduch, Sustainability Coordinator

Sam has a passion for teaching:  learning about what’s new and innovative, then sharing that knowledge with others. His current role at EarthShift Global takes his passion and array of experiences to share understanding of sustainability assessment with our clients, and more broadly with education facilities worldwide.

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