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Anticipatory LCA 101 Webinar | New Canadian Branch | Litter Article Gone Viral | 2019 Sustainability Classes

January 2019
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Thursday, January 24, 2019 @ 1:00 pm ET
map of Anticipatory LCA 101


Anticipatory LCA 101 -  Free Brown Bag Webinar

As the environmental impact of products and technologies becomes a design parameter, the incorporation of environmental aspects early in the development of products and technology is necessary. However...Read more here

This webinar, presented by our own Valentina Prado, covers the basic concept and exposes some research lines making advancement in the area of anticipatory LCA.  

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...And as a Follow Up!

Thursday, February 21, 2019 @ 1:00 pm ET
Applied Anticipatory LCA -  Free Brown Bag Webinar


Bicycle in front of a Canadian flag on board

EarthShift Global Establishes New Canadian Presence

As part of our broader business expansion, EarthShift Global is happy to announce the establishment of a new Canadian branch, based near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We’ve seen a recent uptick in business in Canada (more about that in the near future!), and are seeking more, given the wide range of innovative organizations based there and the nation’s support for action towards sustainability.

“We’re very excited about the prospects for us in Canada, across all our lines of work – Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), consulting services, software development, and the use of Sustainable Return on Investment analysis for triple-bottom-line strategic planning and management,” notes EarthShift Global founder and chief executive Lise Laurin. “Canada has a dynamic and diverse private sector, and public agencies with mandates that include many sustainability-oriented topics, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”
View of Peggy's Cove, Canada
The establishment of the new subsidiary is also an avenue for us and our clients to better tap into the skills and capabilities of our Senior Sustainability Analyst Nathan Ayer, a native Nova Scotian who is completing his studies at Dalhousie University’s Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. The doctorate will add to Nathan’s qualifications as a certified LCA practitioner under the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA); he has been with EarthShift Global as a senior LCA analyst, serving Canadian and U.S. clients, since 2009.

“Through my years of experience in academia and environmental consulting I have built many relationships with Canadian government departments and private companies working on sustainability issues,” notes Nathan. “The formal establishment of EarthShift Global’s presence in Canada will open up more opportunities for me to work with these colleagues and to build new relationships as well.”

The branch also affords EarthShift Global more opportunity to work with New Brunswick-based Tom Whidden, Chemistry Fellow for the company. Dr. Whidden’s years of chemical new-product development expertise provide valuable support for many of EarthShift’s Anticipatory LCA studies.

Nathan’s doctoral research involves the use of LCA to assess emerging wood-based bioenergy systems as substitutes for conventional fossil fuels, and a critical analysis of the potential for these types of alternative technologies to contribute to global sustainability. In a related role, Nathan has also worked as a sessional instructor for a range of undergraduate and graduate university courses in sustainability, industrial ecology, and LCA.

Please feel free to reach out and talk to Nathan about Canadian projects and sustainability needs at [email protected] or give Nathan a call at +1 (902) 701-1270.

Basket of used New Year's blowers

Our CEO Lise Laurin's Recent Article About Litter(!) Has Gone Viral on LinkedIn!

Why do we so often turn a blind eye to an everyday problem all around us? Eight million tons of plastic is tossed into our natural environment annually.

When it comes to life cycle assessment, don't we owe it to our clients to be realistic about our societal issues - and to together to eliminate them? 

Read Lise's insights here...


image of ABCs on a leafConfused About Sustainability Terms?

Check Out Our Sustainability Glossary!

Definitions for Executives, Strategic Planners, Practitioners

New Sustainability Classes in 2019

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Upcoming Sustainability Training Courses

FREE Impact Assessment Course, available in (PDF)

On Site (Bay Area, CA)

 Spring Boot Camp, March 26 - March 28, 2019, follow the link for full details


March 12-13, 2019   Sustainability in Package Design 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST (17:00-20:00 UTC)

March 19, 2019   Evaluating the Social and Economic Pillars 10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST (15:00-18:00 UTC)

March 20, 2019   Recycling 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST (18:00-21:00 UTC)

April 17-18, 2019   Intro to Life Cycle Assessment 10:00 am to 12:30 pm EST (15:00-17:30 UTC)

April 24, 2019   Impact Assessment Methods 10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST (17:00-20:00 UTC)


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