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Sustainable Packaging Symposium (SPS) 2016

Lise Laurin to Speak at the:

Sustainable Packaging Symposium (SPS) 2016

Organized by AIChE’s Institute for Sustainability
December 12 – 13, 2016


Lifecycle Analysis:  Overall Mass and Energy Balance Considerations in Waste Valorization

Current methods of assessing end of life in LCA typically show a benefit for recycling a product at end of life or a benefit for using recycled material, but not both. This is contrary to common understanding of sustainability and the circular economy. Methods which have been derived to address this either rely on market conditions, which change rapidly, or on an arbitrary split between the two lives of the material. We have been working to redraw the boundary conditions between the two lives in a way that encompasses all the impacts of end of life but encourages both recycling and use of recycled material. We will share the existing methods and preliminary results of this work.


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Location in Lowell, MA:  University MA Lowell Inn & Conference Center