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Kittery, ME – November 11, 2015 – EarthShift Global announces a new online course to help packaging professionals innovate and reduce the environmental impacts of their designs. The course, Sustainability in Package Design, was co‐developed with Professor Rafael Auras from the leading School of Packaging at Michigan State University. The course is designed to give packaging engineers, packaging managers andsustainability engineers tools they can use to design and evaluate more sustainable packaging, including an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) theory and hands on experience. The course will provide step-by-step techniques for identifying ways to reduce the environmental impacts of their packaging using PackageSmart, a user‐friendly software program.

“We believe this course will be a real enabler for sustainable design in packaging,” says Lise Laurin, the CEO and Founder of EarthShift Global and former Founder and Director of EarthShift. “It takes Professor Auras’ years of knowledge and distills the essence into an easily digestible course for busy professionals.”

"We have been using streamlined LCA software like PackageSmart to design and evaluate the environmental footprint of packaging systems for many years in our undergraduate and graduate classes.” explains Auras. “From these students’ and corporate students’ insights, we have designed this concise, results driven course. I think any packaging engineer will be able to walk away and make real improvements in their designs after taking this course.”

Life Cycle Assessment helps designers select environmentally preferable materials, which is critically important for attaining improved environmental performance of their package. It’s also a key to increasing innovation. Students will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge through a simplified LCA tool called PackageSmart. They’ll come away with the ability to model the full life cycle of their packaging, a set of steps to use to make improvements, and the ability to assess the extent of the improvements. Students will get a one month subscription to PackageSmart as part of their course tuition.

The six hour online course is split up in to two three hour classes and also includes one hour of one‐on-one time with the instructor so that each student can individually get answers to questions and further help with applying LCA to their packaging design project.

For more information on the course or to sign up, please visit:‐package‐design or email


About PackageSmart
PackageSmart is a optimized web‐based LCA software that presents LCA information to package engineers and designers in terms they understand, in an easy‐to‐deploy, collaborative web‐based environment that allows them to integrate environmental assessment earlier and more continuously in the design process, when leverage is high and the cost of change is low.

About EarthShift Global
EarthShift Global (ESG) has evolved from EarthShift, founded in 2000. EarthShift Global is a leading provider of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Package Design, Design for Environment, and environmental sustainability software, LCA and S-ROI training classes, as well as sustainability consulting services with partners in leading industries, academia and government organizations. 
Our life cycle analysis (LCA) software is, EarthSmart and for packaging design use, PackageSmart, tailored to inform the decision-making process on the social, economic and environmental consequences that flow from their clients activities. Additionally, 3Pillars S-ROI software is the only general-purpose S-ROI tool on the market, offering advanced analysis, engineered to fit your process, helping professionals from across your organization collaborate on achieving financial goals while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. 

About MSU School of Packaging
Michigan State University’s School of Packaging is the leading packaging school in the country. Graduates of the program often lead the field in innovative and sustainable packaging design, landing jobs with major brand name companies’ right after graduation. 

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