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Customer Centricity Drives Our New Business Strategy

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Customer-Centric Culture Drives EarthShift Global’s Business Strategy in LCA Software Development, Sustainability Consulting and Training

Under the leadership of prominent sustainability advocate Lise Laurin, company offers flexible blend of services to help clients achieve their unique sustainability goals

KITTERY, Maine – January 26, 2016 – Building on the strength of the company’s 15-year heritage (formerly under EarthShift) of developing closely tailored, multifaceted partnerships with corporations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies, EarthShift Global today disclosed details of its new business strategy, which includes the addition of powerful new features to its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software, revamped training programs, and leveraging of extensive international sustainability consulting and research experience.

EarthShift Global founder and CEO Lise Laurin, a distinguished developer of sustainability strategies and practices, pioneer of Sustainable ROI (S-ROI), and chair of General Electric’s Ecoassessment Advisory Board, explained that the company’s business is built on helping clients effect change that advances their organizations’ specific sustainability goals, from the executive suite to the manufacturing line.

“We’ve found that companies that do business in a way that respects nature and cultural values reap environmental, social and economic benefits,” said Laurin, who is leading development of the SETAC North America LCA Roadmap, and serves on the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Advisory Groups for LCA and Ecolabeling. “The real challenge for executives, designers and engineers comes in making practical decisions that take into account their existing practices, marketplace demands, and the often divergent needs of internal and external stakeholders while still making credible, measurable progress. That’s where we’ve been able to add value in the past, and it’s our focus going forward.”

To this end, the EarthShift Global business plan emphasizes flexible mix-and-match combinations of software products (including the Web-based EarthSmart and PackageSmart LCA applications), small group and one-on-one training, and consulting services from the company’s experienced team of sustainability researchers and practitioners. The company’s groundbreaking work in S-ROI ensures constant focus on effective efforts that generate positive environmental, social and economic value.

EarthShift Global was formed in 2015 as a spinout of EarthShift Inc., where Laurin was the founder. EarthShift Global will extend, market and support EarthSmart and PackageSmart, while also providing sustainability consulting and training services under the leadership of Laurin and a team of experienced LCA practitioners and researchers. Since the spinout, EarthShift Global has added several new clients, including the US Food and Drug Administration, while also maintaining collaborations with the US State Department/World Environment Center, Hewlett-Packard, DuPont, and other major enterprises.

The EarthSmart and PackageSmart LCA applications draw on the experience of the EarthShift Global team and its successful corporate engagements with major producers of tires, medical equipment, textiles, toys, packaging, electronics, building materials and other manufactured goods. They offer an unmatched combination of power and ease of use, and are built to enable easier communication across departments and disciplines.

One example: with a recent customer-requested feature addition, EarthSmart can now provide component-level analysis of inputs (materials, energy, etc.) and impacts, which makes it easier for different groups within a company to identify opportunities for improvement.

“In our experience, engineering professionals at manufacturing-oriented companies tend to think about their products in terms of components and subsystems,” noted product manager Jim Lochran. “We wanted EarthSmart to think the same way, to simplify the process of engagement and analysis, and make it easy to develop comparisons and what-if scenarios for improved sustainability. Our clients asked for this and of course we complied.”

In addition, responding to broadly increasing demand for sustainability knowledge, EarthShift Global has added a new Sustainability Boot Camp class to its roster of training options. The five-day program (which can also be taken on a day-by-day basis) provides a complete grounding in the basics of sustainability, LCA, S-ROI, project implementation, and a special one-day simulation-based workshop on leadership of sustainability projects.

“We want to give attendees a convenient way of gaining the exact type of knowledge they need, in a framework that emphasizes effective implementation within an organization,” said Laurin. “In addition to principles and practices, we provide examples from our consulting experience on how to cultivate effective collaboration – which is essential to bringing principles into practice, meeting rigorous scrutiny, and effecting real change.”


EarthShift Global provides sustainability software, training, and consulting to partners in industry, academia, and government. We offer life cycle assessment (LCA) software (EarthSmart and PackageSmart), plus custom applications, environmental consulting and training, and social impact assessment tailored to our clients’ specific challenges.
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