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October Shift 2020

October Sustainability News and Views Newsletter

What is LCA’s Role in Quantifying Social Justice?

At its recent annual conference, the ACLCA featured a panel entitled “Quantifying Social Justice in LCA.” The intent of the panel was to begin a social justice dialog within the LCA community.

pie chart of LCA practitioners and the importance of Social Justice



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Tackling the Plastic Pollution Crisis Through Data-Driven Corporate Action—
Free Webinar with WWF

Thursday, November 12  1:00pm EST

Sea turtle encountering plastic in the ocean

Photo © Troy Mayne / WWF, used with permission

Plastic waste is choking our planet – polluting the air, water, and soil both people and wildlife need to survive – so World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is engaging business as a critical lever for change and transforming our broken plastic systems. Through ReSource: Plastic, WWF is helping the world’s biggest companies turn their individual commitments into meaningful, measurable impact with the goal of preventing 50M tons of plastic pollution by 2030. In this webinar you’ll hear from WWF’s Alix Grabowski on how ReSource is taking an unprecedented, measurement-based approach to corporate action, and what it’s revealing about the broader challenges on data we need to we need to urgently address for success.

Presenter: Alix Grabowski, Deputy Director of Plastic & Material Science, World Wildlife Fund

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ACLCA 2020 Student Awards

As sustainable business practices become more mainstream, colleges and universities must provide their students with accompanying opportunities for knowledge-building and skill set development. EarthShift Global is on the forefront of this movement, currently providing LCA software packages, training, and guidance to over 180 Universities in North America. In this same note, we take pride in annually sponsoring student poster competitions at noteworthy professional conferences around the world.

We congratulate first prize winner, Hemalatha Velappan, for her poster on "Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Export Oriented Torrefied Pellets Industry in the U.S. Pacific Northwest". 

(Click on each of the images below to see their posters.)

Hemalatha Velappan won first place in the ACLCA2020 Student Poster Awards


We also congratulate second prize winner, Tiffanie Stone for her poster on "Towards Climate-Smart Vegetable Production: An LCA for Environmental Costs of Vegetables in Food Production Systems in the Midwest US".

Tiffany Stone won 2nd place at the ACLCA2020 student poster awards



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